Another escape

Well guess who? Squirmy is the answer. And guess what I did? Why I escaped the new jail!!!

As My Enforcer would say – I’m really something!! Not only am I a jumper, but I’m also a contortionist!!!! Whatever that is!!

You see, yesterday morning when she went to take the other guys for their walk, she put me in my giant wire cell. The one she resurrected from the garage.

The gate on the cell has a mechanism where you lower three “hooks” to lock it in place. My Enforcer lowered the first hook, and thought the other two were in place – but guess what- they weren’t! So I discovered that if I pushed really hard I could create a gap of about 3 inches and somehow I managed to squeeze my way through!!! Imagine how surprised she was to see me when she came through the door!! The top gate was still firmly locked. I was so happy to see them – and to show them what I did.

Yesterday we got the first part of that tropical storm/hurricane- so it poured rain ALL day. And it was crazy windy. I mean not windy enough to blow ME around – but let’s just say I’m glad I’m not a chihuahua.

Oh and My Enforcer’s friend Wendy came by to say hello. We thought she was really cool – and she had some great treats. Now we overheard her and My Enforcer talking about some “trip” – but the only trip I have ever been on was to come here. So who knows what they were talking about.

The big part of the storm is due today – so paws crossed we don’t lose power. My Enforcer could have trouble finding our food in the dark – which would be a tragedy. But not to worry – we can help lead her to it. It could be my first attempt at being a Seeing Eye Dog.

I hope everyone is having a super duper DRY week. And I hope everyone around here survives Hurricane Teddy. You know – that’s kind of a silly name for a hurricane. I mean who thinks of the names for hurricanes? When I think Teddy, I think fuzzy, soft bears. Nice bears. And a hurricane is just the opposite. And I checked – there has (as far as I can tell) never been a hurricane named Frodo, Elroy or Wojtek. At least not the kind that causes wind and rain. My Enforcer said we are hurricanes in our own right. Whatever that means.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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