World news

Well hello there blogees. It’s Elroy bringing you our latest exploits today.

Let’s begin with world news. First off – do you know who Champ and Major are? No? Allow me to tell you. In January, they will be assuming the roles of DOTUS when they move to their new home in the White House. Yup. After four dogless years, two canines will be again living in the most famous residence in the US. President-elect Joe Biden is owned by the two German Shepherds, and they will romping the halls of their new abode.

Now the whole election thing was tough. And boy oh boy, two leggeds can sure get crankier than a PON whose dinner is served late when it comes to politics. Lots of people liked the dogless President, and lots more people liked the dog-owning candidate. Humans. You can believe and support your political ideals. BUT – do it without name calling and respect for one another. Be NICE. Really. Or no treats for you.

In news here, I went for my last massage therapy appointment yesterday. Liz, the therapist, poked and probed and massaged all my muscles. And she gave me a completely clean bill of health. She could find no evidence of my muscle injury. I’m completely healed up. I can continue to play with the Shaggy Shark and I’m good to go when herding begins again. Liz was so nice – she gave me my very own special Halloween treat – a big biscuit in the shape of a leaf covered in orange icing!! How nice was that. And in typical Picard fashion, I tossed it in the air and stared at it when it hit the ground. Her Highness had to embarrassingly explain that I can be a picky eater. Ain’t that the truth. So we brought my lovely bakery creation home.

Tonight the Shark goes back to his school. We’ll see what kind of chaos he can cause there…

In the meantime, be good to each other. Wag your tails – not your tongues. Be an example of how you want to be treated. I’ve learned that if I bite at the Shark, he bites back. So it’s a lot more fun playing if we take it easy on each other. See – even I can be have some good advice like the PONs. Even if I am a picky Picard…,

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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