A bone. And an oven mitt.

Hey hey hey- it’s Squirmy here. I hope you are having a fabulous day – because I am! And guess what?! If life wasn’t glorious enough – it got even BETTER yesterday. GUESS what I had yesterday? Guess. OK I’ll tell you. A bone! A real honest to goodness bone. A marrow bone to be precise. I’m telling you – it’s going to be hard to top THAT experience! And I got it because it’s Fall!

The last couple of mornings have been cool and crisp – they say Fall is in the air. Whatever that means. But I’ll tell you one thing – the cool mornings makes all three of us boys even more crazy than normal. My Enforcer even said “What’s with you guys?!” Everybody was barking and jumping around in preparation for our morning walks. Usually I’m the only wild one, but the last couple of days, everybody has been wild.

So after we came home and had our breakfasts, licked the yogurt container, ate our blueberries AND cleaned out our Kongs, yours truly was still raring to go. And so were the other guys. The Boss was pawing at My Enforcer’s pockets and the Coyote was staring at her toast. He recently decided he LOVES bread. Plain bread. The craving will last a week or so and then he’ll change his mind. He even went off blueberries for a week. He’s an odd guy – I just don’t get the whole picky food thing. But I’m going sideways from my story.

My Enforcer had not finished reading the paper or having her cup of coffee- so she announced “I have a surprise.” And she went in the fridge and pulled out these big marrow bones. The Boss got his and ran away. The picky Picard also grabbed his and took off for the hall. I didn’t know what all the excitement was until I got mine. Holy Moly Marrow – after a sniff and a nibble I was HOOKED. I could feel my inner beast take over – it was like I was a wolf in the wild enjoying my prey after the hunt. OK, truth be told I had a hard time carrying it – so I don’t think my hunting skills would be that good. I’m just glad all I had to do was stand by the fridge door.

I was chewing daintily while the boss was ravenously ripping off pieces. That’s because he knew that marrow bone feasts come with a time limit of 20 minutes. My Enforcer takes them away so we don’t get soupy poops. The Boss was trying to eat as much as possible before the Fun Police came over, traded a lousy piece of kibble and took the bone away. I was disappointed, but made the trade too. Still, I did need to catch my breath – what an experience. I can’t wait for that again!

Plus guess what else I got to do yesterday? I went on our trail to the lake and I wasn’t on a leash! Sometimes I would run ahead – and then My Enforcer would call me back. I’m doing pretty good with my recall as you’ll see in these two clips. In this first one you can see me peeking over a log, waiting for My Enforcer. It’s a quick clip.

In this one I have run ahead out of sight.

She stops the recording before I get to her so she can brace herself for my landing.

What else did I do yesterday? Oh I know!!! While My Enforcer was having a good chat with her friend Iza, who lives in Poland, I was really quiet. No barking and squeaking like I usually do. Know why? Because I was trying to make up for previous bad behavior? Because I’m maturing? Nope. Because I was chewing a hole in an oven mitt that I pulled off the counter!!! My Enforcer WONDERED why I was so quiet (she was in the DFZ). Yup. I found a way to entertain myself. I’m such a joker.

So that was my large day yesterday. The Coyote is still coughing a tiny bit, but the Boss is MUCH better. And I’m 110%! And looking forward to another new day!

Have a great one! Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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