Something scary

Squirmy here! And I am here to tell you I am afraid. Very afraid. But I don’t know why…

It all started because My Enforcer went out to do some shopping. Which is fine with me because I always get a yummy Kong when she leaves and I get a treat when she returns. And we are all happy when she returns whether she has been gone an hour or whether she has just returned from taking out the garbage.

But the other day when she returned, the other guys were initially all happy and then they stopped their joyful welcome. It seems My Enforcer was carrying a bag that said Dollar Store. I don’t know what’s in the bag, but clearly something scary because the other guys were shaking in their paws. WHAT could possibly scare them so much? I don’t know, but I know enough to take a cue from the guys that I should be afraid.

Whatever is in that bag must have something to do with some new pumpkins that appeared the same day outside our front door. We’re having a contest – guess how many days before the Coyote pees on the pumpkins! We figure he’ll be the one to christen them because I haven’t figured yet out how to lift my leg to pee, and the Boss is too picky about where he pees. He has to walk back and forth 15 times- so in that time, My Enforcer can redirect him somewhere else. But the Coyote is the fastest leg lifter on the planet – so it will no doubt be him. I’m giving those orange orbs 2 more days to be pee free.

Yesterday I got to go to the lake again and I ran up and down the trail and sometimes took a detour into the woods – running with all my might. My recall was again good – BUT I learned that detours into mud and sticks will land you in the tub – and on the grooming table for a quick fluff up. I must confess, I did look better afterwards. Then it was the Boss’ turn for his weekly brush-a-thon. And after we were fluffed up, the two of us promptly began to restyle each other’s hair on our own. Kind of like when you go to a new hair stylist and then redo it the way you like it when you get home. My Enforcer was not impressed.

It’s Saturday- which is pretty much like every other day here. But we will be watching the weather forecast for next week. Looks like something called a hurricane could be heading our way. My Enforcer said I’m enough of a hurricane in this household. Whatever that means…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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