Greetings blog readers. Frodo here. Also known as Father Goose. My bout with canine COVID is improving – just more slowly than the young lads. But not to worry – my appetite and energy are fine. And my imitation honking goose call has evolved to a less deep, more dry quack. The Beatnik still has the odd honk, but not much. And the Shark seems to be over his round. Patience. Patience.

According to our odd calendar, today is something called National Defy Superstition Day. Aptly chosen for the 13th of the month. I suppose it is a day when one should walk under a ladder, or ignore the black cat crossing their path. That would be a difficult one for the canines in this household.

I have investigated superstitions having to do with dogs and I found a few – most of which I have never heard of. Probably because I am not the superstitious type. But here they are, according to

– A howling dog is supposed to be an omen of death. There is some truth to this. We have no doubt killed Her Highness’ previously normal hearing with our barking and howling. To defy this one, she needs ear plugs.

– Dogs who stare or growl at nothing are actually seeing ghosts. We’ll have to keep the Beatnik off the deck tonight. He definitely “sees” and hears something. Mind you – it probably much more likely to be a chipmunk than a ghost. But he DOES tend to do it more at night. In the dark. Spooky.

– If you meet a stray dog and it follows you home, it is good luck. Personally, I don’t think so if you then need to share your treats. What could be lucky about that?

– One of my favorites- if you step in dog poop with your left foot, you will have good luck. Is that not a bit counterintuitive? I wonder what happens if you step in it with your right foot? It seems either foot is not exactly pleasant. Particularly in sandals. Or flip flops.

Not much else new here as we are in quarantine. We do go for short walks on our road, wearing masks and staying clear of any other dogs. I jest about the masks – you KNOW we would try to shred them.

It is time for our constitutional. I bid you a pleasant day and I’m certain it will be. Knock on wood.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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