PONdini Junior

Hey everybody- it’s Squirmy. Spreader of joy, happiness and kennel cough. Yup it’s official. We have a trifecta. The Coyote now sounds like a goose too. The good news? We’ll all be over it! So we’ll be invincible! Unless another strain comes along…

Today I have to tell you about my new talent. Guess what new skill I learned from the Boss? Escape artist! Yup- call me PONdini Junior.

When My Enforcer goes out – like to the grocery store for our yogurt or the pet store for our food (note it’s all about us dogs), she leaves me in an ex-pen in the downstairs rec room, and the Boss is stuck down there with me because she latches a gate at the bottom of the stairs. The Coyote is on his own upstairs.

So yesterday, when My Enforcer went to the grocery store, she carefully latched the door on the ex pen and gave both me and the Boss frozen Kongs to keep us busy.

She wasn’t gone too too long, and we heard her return- as she unloaded the groceries in the kitchen. She claims it’s easier to unpack without having two PONs in the refrigerator “helping.” We both of course, shouted out our “welcome homes.”

When she was done, she walked around the house outside- to enter through the patio. Well. Imagine her surprise when I greeted her at the patio door. She opened the door and the Boss and I ran out. She tentatively walked inside to examine the room. It was pretty evident there had been a party going on. Throw pillows all over the floor. TV remote controls also on the floor. Toys scattered everywhere. Yup it was a real party. She doubted the Boss was responsible for the mess because he’s always free down there- and never touches anything. So yours truly became the prime suspect. But guess what? No camera- no proof!!!! She’ll never know how long I was out – OR how I got out. It’s our little secret. Yee haw! PONdini Junior! I like it!

Hey – speaking of frozen Kongs- I have another story!! So we’ve told you how those yogurt and kibble-filled wonderful rubber toys provide necessary peace while my Enforcer is having breakfast. She says she truly cannot live without them. And here’s proof. The other night, she woke up at 4AM and realized she had not stuffed and frozen our Kongs. She broke out in a sweat. She realized the PONdemonium that would happen without Kongs to entertain us for 20 minutes. So what did she do? She got up at 4AM, went into the kitchen and stuffed Kongs. Really. In this house, if those Kongs were stolen, she would pay a ransom to get them back. Then again, maybe she’d just go and get new ones. She said she wishes she had like 20 so she could stuff and freeze loads of them at once. We told her to put it on her Christmas wish list.

Hey and speaking of holidays, what’s this Halloween thing at the end of October. The other guys said not to speak of it. They said something about the pandemic and maybe the Dollar store doesn’t have “any special things”. What’s THAT all about? Why are those guys so afraid of a Dollar Store? I have to investigate this further.

Time for my joyful walk. You know what? I’m joyful EVERY morning when I get up!!! What’s not to be joyful? You have a day full of potential- and you never know what might happen! And besides that – it’s Friday!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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