Update from the infirmary

Howdy there blogees. Elroy here. Remember me? The handsome guy who injured himself during an exuberant interlude with the Shaggy Shark?! Well I’m here to tell you – muscle strains are NOT fun. I am tired of not being allowed to run around. But the good news – it IS getting better.

I went to see my therapist Liz yesterday. And although I’m still not back to my Olympic body, she could see and feel a difference in me. The last time I was there, she even had a difficult time manipulating some of my muscles. I was compensating on my good side – which was tense – and I was very sore on my bad side. But this time she could really massage the muscles on both sides, and could push those muscles deep in my groin area. I was quite cooperative. Now there are two words you rarely see together to describe me – in the same sentence: “quite” and “cooperative”. Let’s face it – I do, and times, tend to march to my own drum – which only I can hear! Anyway I was great with Liz- and still even kissed her good-bye – even though she said I STILL can’t run around yet. I go back to see Liz in 3 weeks again. I was told CAN go for a beach walk – which I think I may be doing tomorrow. Without the PONs. But don’t tell them – they’ll get all barky and loud. It’s only fair I get to do SOMETHING fun. I’ve had to watch them running around the backyard- and it does make me jealous. So time for some “me” time.

It was because of my jealousy and boredom that I led the troops on that walk about the other day. The one where Her Highness probably permanently scarred her vocal cords from screaming at us to return. Look – I didn’t know the other guys were going to follow me. I just needed to stretch my legs a bit.

The Shark didn’t go to his handling class yesterday- something about Her Highness snoozing on the sign up sheet. And he was supposed to go back to obedience tomorrow night. Unfortunately, just yesterday, Her Highness read that someone who attended handling class last week had kennel cough. And like clockwork, last night the shark began coughing. Yup. It appears he got the bug. He was up on and off through the night. He seems fine otherwise. Kennel cough is one of those things where you can be vaccinated, and because there are so many strains of it, you can still end up with it. There’s not much to do medically for it. Just try not to over exert. Tell that to the shark. Now we wait to see if the Boss and I get it. Paws crossed we don’t.

Her Highness is bummed that they now won’t be able to go to obedience tomorrow. They’ve been practicing- AND the Boss likes to join in. Those PONs will do anything for food. You should see the two of them doing synchronized spins and twists. I feel like I’m watching the circus. I’m always invited to participate in their sessions but I say “Meh.” Food is overrated. I’m content to watch. Although when they do practice “down stays” – that’s one exercise I like. You don’t have to do a THING, just act like a log, and you get a treat. My kind of exercise. The Shark is surprisingly better at sit stays than down stays. He has his own quirks too.

Well time for our morning constitutional. We’ve actually been letting Her Highness sleep in until 6:30 lately – and one day we let her sleep in until 7AM!!! The sunrises are getting later and later. Yup. Fall is in the air. Must be almost time to pee on a pumpkin. Good times!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

One thought on “Update from the infirmary

  1. I do enjoy reading Viktors news. I had been so looking forward to re homing a Lowland Polish Sheepdog. For quite a while. Eventually Lily was found for me but due to the lockdown period i missed out on the chance to have her. So I feel quite sad as they just seem to be such gorgeous creatures to cuddle. The Pon doesn’t often come up for rehoming and I am not surprised. With love from Linda.

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