Elroy’s Excellent Adventure

Yo. Readers. Elroy here again! Happy Labor Day from three very hard working guard dogs. We take our jobs seriously. We guard against intruders – like the guy who delivers oil- and other interlopers like bunnies, birds, moths and the ever-dangerous falling leaves. We are particularly vigilant and quick to bark when it’s dark out or when Her Highness is in the shower. One can never be too careful…So Happy Labor Day to all workers – and all retirees!!!

Now I must tell you about my excellent adventure to the beach yesterday. It is THE best story.

Her Highness and I picked up our friend Marg, and off we went yesterday morning. I was so excited. Mind you, I didn’t really know where we were going.

We took the “scenic” route to our destination, which from a crate in the back of Ludwig is not all that exciting. But the two leggeds appeared to enjoy the coastal views.

We finally arrived at the beach, and what was the FIRST thing we saw? Come on. Guess. Beach bathers? Surfers? Beach umbrellas? Beach balls? Children building sand castles? Nope. In perfect blog story fashion the FIRST thing we saw was…….a llama. Sounds like some kind of children’s story book, doesn’t it. But I’m not joking. And here’s the proof:

The llama people parked right next to us. Her Highness didn’t quite know what to say, so instead of mentioning the llama, said something about dogs. Talk about the “llama in the room.” The guy said something about their dog too and off they went. For a walk on the beach road. I hadn’t been to this beach before, so I was thinking this just must be common here. I couldn’t wait to get over the dune to see if I would find a zebra.

Anyway, when I got in the water, the only thing I was interested in doing was drinking it. Here’s a tip for people who have never taken their dogs to salt water before. It’s not advisable to drink ocean water. Because it will “return” like a wave, from different ends of your body if you drink too much. Needless to say, Her Highness wouldn’t let me drink the water.

We had a fabulous long walk – which in the packed sand was good for my muscle. Her Highness tried to get me to walk in the water- but that was rather futile as all I did was stop and try to drink. Despite the fact that I also drank water that Her Highness brought for me.

It’s a long beach- and home to some shore birds called Piping Plovers. I saw no signs of their bagpipes, but lots of them running and flying along the shore.

Dogs are supposed to be on leash so as not to scare the birds. That’s why I couldn’t run free. That’s my idea of a joke. As if the birds were the reason I couldn’t be off leash. But that’s my story.

I had a good time walking, watching people and their dogs- and listening to the sound of the waves. As usual, Her Highness tried to get photos of me – and I refused to give her ears up. Still, I don’t look too bad.

All in all it was a great adventure. A wonderful day. All was right with the world. Despite the fact that I DID have the poops when I got home. Precipitating a call to the Emergency clinic because Her Highness Googled salt water poisoning ( which is a very serious condition) and she just wanted to be SURE I didn’t have it. Thankfully I didn’t.

Really. What would our house be without at least one call to the Emergency Clinic each week. We’re at two for this week. The other night it was to check which over-the-counter meds she could give to the goose in the house. The goose is the shark with his kennel cough. Her Highness knew he didn’t need to be seen by a vet as he was happy, hungry, and energetic- but he did sound like a goose. Long story short – she found out through her “dog village” that he could take human cough medicine. A certain type – WITHOUT any xylitol. He slept better that night, and already seems to be on the mend. And last night not even one cough!

So that’s the story of our weekend. Llamas, plovers, a goose sound-alike and no emergency room visits. Life is good. Very good indeed.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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