Greetings blog readers. Frodo here. Finally. That wiggling, wild Annelid seems to be taking over lately. Mind you, his juvenile, innocent view of the world can be rather delightful. I must admit, I have really begun to like the imp. He follows me like a shadow, and does everything I do. He even likes to snuggle with me, which I find rather endearing. Sometimes.

While I was initially the Grump when he arrived, and the Beatnik welcomed him with open paws, our roles have actually reversed. Probably because the Beatnik views the shark as a dangerous being, even though his biting HAS improved. Or at least some of his needle teeth have fallen out. Either that or we are all growing thicker skin.

I must say, he is a smart, and rather DETERMINED young fella. Take the following drawing, which he did, to explain a recent escapade:

If it looks wild and confusing, it should. It describes him and his actions to a tee. Allow me to explain it. In the diagram you see a gate – which goes to our newly fenced back yard. Sometimes we enter and exit the fenced yard from the house (through a door not on the drawing), and other times we actually enter and exit from around the house. In this instance, we were leaving the fenced yard, going around the side of the house and to the front door. There is a three foot garden wall just about ten feet from the gate, because the land slopes. The gate was opened, and yours truly ran out and easily jumped up the wall. Meanwhile, my miniature sidekick tried the same trick. But he had walked up to the wall, and it was too high for him to jump. Her Highness told him to come around the wall, which he did. That is the green line in the drawing . He went around the wall and made it almost to the front door of the house. But not to be beaten by a wall, he changed his mind and ran back down around the wall and this time took a running leap at the wall and made it up. This was a wild spontaneous action, performed completely independently. It happened so quickly, Her Highness didn’t know where he was going when he raced back past her toward the gate. He was quite proud of himself that he scaled that wall.

In other news, he has pretty much decimated the vegetable garden. Between an obnoxious chipmunk who keeps eating the tomatoes, and the shark who keeps trampling them, the crop this year will be sad. Here you will see the shark doing excavation work, followed by a frenzied zoomie and a brief veggie garden stampede. Her Highness is trying hard not to laugh…

The Beatnik seems to be feeling better, but Her Highness will not allow him to run free until at least after his therapy appointment tomorrow. He’s still not 100%, but seems to be almost back to normal. He is just itching to play in the yard again. But I have a feeling Her Highness May want to wait another week or so – just to be sure his muscle is all better.

Now excuse me while I go and hide. It’s almost time for our walk, and if it’s not raining now, it did last night. And we all know how I despise wet feet. Wish me luck.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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