Fun Obedience

Howdy doody – Squirmy Wormy here again. I was going to start off telling you that according to the crazy calendar, today is Ginger Cat Day. But I don’t know much about cats or much about the fact that it’s National Tofu Day in the UK. Sure we dogs can eat a little tofu- but give me meat any day! Instead, I just HAVE to tell you about my Fun Obedience class. Guess what?! It was fun!!!!

So when I got there I was a bit in awe with all the new dogs to see. There were 7 of us in total. Or was it 8? My Enforcer was so busy watching me there could have been 50 there and she wouldn’t have even noticed. I think I was the youngest guy there.

We did a bunch of things to help us work on our bond with our humans. No problem there for me – My Enforcer basically had my supper in her pockets – AND some yummy dried beef lung. AND cheese. So I really didn’t care a whole lot about the other dogs or people. I was starving. Forget the fact that I had both breakfast and lunch. I’m a PON. Food makes our world go round.

So as a direct result of my starvation, I was extremely well behaved. Seriously. My enforcer said I could have definitely taken home a prize because a) I didn’t pee or poop inside the facility; b) I didn’t rip any of my Enforcer’s attire ; and c) no one left wearing bandaids because of moi. How do you spell WINNER?!

I liked the teacher very much and I even let her pet me without removing a digit. She is owned by Pyrenean Shepherds – and one was the demo dog for the various exercises. Holy hotdog, he was GOOD. He’s my idol.

I came home and the other guys smelled me all over. Probably because I smelled like cheesy beef lung. Don’t worry – they got some too – and they didn’t have to do 10% of the stuff I had to do. That’s ok. They deserve a prize for putting up with me!

So last night we each got to do some one-on-one obedience training outside. My Enforcer had to dig out and dust off all the obedience training props in the garage. Like the orange cones. I was initially fine with them, but having the current attention span like that of a bee in an Amsterdam tulip farm, I quickly tired of the cones and simply decided to see if they made good chew toys. That idea was quickly discouraged.

I can’t wait to go back next week! My Enforcer is hoping it wasn’t beginner’s luck. No problem- just bring good treats! And no tofu.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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