Classes. And non appointments.

Hey you! It’s me! Squirmy!!!! Yup. I get to write again. Probably because I’m little and babies get lots of attention. And I’m soaking it up!

So what did I do THIS time? Well….. I went for my first handling class. And I think I won – because I was a handful!!!! It was me, 6 Australian Shepherds and a Corgi in the class. And guess who was the only one who tried to bite the instructor?! Yup. ME! I mean not totally attack vicious – but let’s just say I take a few minutes to warm up to folks. Well maybe not even that. I go up to people and actually jump on them! But touch my head before I feel I know you and well there’s a reason I’m called the Shaggy Shark. I was quite in awe of the other dogs and wanted to play desperately with the Corgi who was ahead of me in the line up- but I quickly learned that handling class does not include play time. Yawn. I haven’t been expelled- but I do have some homework. Nobody told me there would be after school assignments.

I forgot to tell you that the other day, my Enforcer had some dog friends pop in. Heather and Allan. They have – dogs and know all about dog behavior. Because I tend to be aloof with new people (unless I have my backup brothers), my Enforcer decided to let JUST me out to meet our guests. Well. I have learned from the Boss that you bark at new people. So I did that. IMAGINE my shock when Allan sat right down on the driveway to say hello. I didn’t quite know what to make of him. In the meantime, Heather “ran away” from me. And didn’t pay attention to me. What a strange couple. BUT, when I realized they were no threat, I quickly went over to both of them – and it was NO time before I was wrestling with Allan and attempting to ricochet myself off Heather. Good times.

Meanwhile, the Coyote went to his therapy appointment yesterday. Poor guy – he had to endure the pre-public bath just like I did before I went to my class! What’s up with that? Just because other people will see us we have to be fluffed? I like the at-home rugged look. Anyway, he endured the bath – only to go there and find out that the girl at the desk messed up his appointment. The therapist had left for the day. So no therapy for the big guy. Both he and my Enforcer were unhappy. I think they deserved a free biscuit for the mix up. Good thing my Enforcer had picked up our prize from Crazy Dogs. She could still give him a treat. He will go on Friday for his appointment.

Tonight I go for my Fun Obedience class. Not sure how those two words go together, but we’ll see. I think my Enforcer should just take the Boss and pretend he’s new to obedience. He’d look like a genius!!! Not so sure I’ll be quite that good. Mind you, I’m a pretty quick study. As long as you don’t try to touch me on the head….Good thing I’m adorable….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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