Bad and good news

Hey everybody- it’s Squirmy here!!! And have I got stories for you today!

The first one isn’t really good news. In fact, Her Highness’ blood pressure goes up if she just THINKS about it. It involves an unfortunate jail break for a Picard we know – which entailed a race out the front door, up the driveway and over to two neighbors’ homes. That’s bad enough. BUT we PON boys had to follow the leader – and went with him. All the while Her Highness was screaming our names so loudly, she thought she could rupture her vocal cords. I won’t go into all the gritty details – suffice to say that I, 4 month old Squirmy – headed back home on my own, while the other two escapees were caught and dragged down the driveway. The story is NOT funny in the least bit. Frodo and I were heading out the front door for a quick pee – and for some reason we thought someone was there – so we started barking. The Beatnik had been in the other room – so Her Highness was shocked when he literally pushed his way past her and through the door. I thought it was great fun to chase them and thankfully the Beatnik – the ringleader – came to Her Highness instead of heading for the road. We all got the cold shoulder from her when we got back. She said nothing. Probably because she couldn’t breathe. Anyway – the story thankfully ended OK.

Now for some better news. I won a prize!!!! OK – all of us boys won it. There is a company called Crazy Dog Dehydrated Treats – here in Nova Scotia and they make SUPER yummy stuff. Anyway, for National Dog Day they asked people to post photos of their dog(s). Little did we know they were randomly picking a photo from those posted – and the winner got some cool goodies!!!! So you guessed it – WE WON!!!!

Here’s the link to our prizes:

Her Highness thought it very fitting that we get a prize from a company called “Crazy Dog”. I’m not sure why.

In other news – I am going to a “handling class” tonight. I guess they teach you how to handle stuff like stuffed toys, bones and fetch toys. I can handle those things really well – so we’ll see what else we’ll do. I guess they’ll also teach me how to “handle” Her Highness. That will be a bit more challenging. Paws crossed it goes well!!!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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