National Dog Day

Hey everybody. Elroy here. Also known as Gimpy. Yes, my muscle is still sore. And I must say, I’m a bit tired of not being able to run around. I know it will get better more quickly if I take it easy, but it’s hard for an agile, fast guy like me to sit out and watch everyone else racing around the yard. I go back to my therapist on Saturday and I’m looking forward to it.

So besides my medical status, what interesting news can I share? Ah – I know. Did you know that today is National Dog Day? Yup- it’s a real holiday. Although clearly humans don’t get the day off, there are no parades and no special meals. Her Highness laughed when she saw this – she said EVERY day is Dog Day in this house. And it really is true. I mean while we do have our jobs as protectors and overall love machines who, when we are behaving, can provide unconditional comfort and support, we DO have it pretty good. I mean we have our meals prepared and provided, we are kept clean and brushed, we live indoors yet go outdoors to do our business- which is cleaned up for us, we have toys, beds and sometimes even attire!!! We are taken to the vet if we don’t feel well. When ya think about it, we kind of live like royalty – everything is at our paw tips.

Now I know that not all dogs have it so good- there are dogs who live on the streets and some dogs up needing to be rescued. But once they get a home, as a general rule, most enjoy a pretty decent lifestyle. There are a lot of people who say to Her Highness: “when I die I want to come back as one of your dogs.”

In honor of Dog Day, if your dog gives you a few minutes of freedom, you can try some of these dog trivia questions. There are loads of questions- see how much you know about us canines:

In other news, Joanie visited us the other day and believe or not- went home without any bandaids! Squirmy never bit her once. Well – not hard anyway. There WAS one slight incident when Her Highness and Joanie were standing and chatting in the yard, and the Squirmster ran full speed at Joanie and ricocheted off her stomach. Thank goodness he didn’t hurt her – neither she nor Her Highness were prepared for that move.

Joanie was able to get some good photos of us four. Her Highness supplied her with treats and a good toy – so she was able to keep our attention. Which is not easy with the little guy. Who is getting bigger by the minute. I don’t think he’s a PON. I think he’s a Romanian Miortic Shepherd. They look like a PON on steroids. That’s what I think Squirmy is. I mean the guy just celebrated his 4 month birthday yesterday – so we know he has more growing ahead….I just hope he won’t be bigger than me!!!!

Well time for my walk with the Boss. Be sure to give your dog something extra special today. And you can have a little treat for yourself too. Because really – where would we be without you?! But just remember – we’re still in charge….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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