Nothing exciting

Monday morning greetings dear readers. Frodo here. I sincerely hope you had an enjoyable weekend- as we celebrated one of the few remaining weekends of the summer. Personally, I prefer the cooler temperatures of the Fall, but we all know what follows that – so let us enjoy summer while it lasts.

Let’s see what is new here at the circus… The Shaggy Shark continues to wreak havoc – especially when he is having one of his frenzy outbursts. When Her Highness lets him out of his crate, (as we have mentioned before), if she has no stuffed toy to shove into his mouth, her arms are left scratched and sometimes bloodied. And no – he is not intentionally aggressive- he simply goes berserk. She can tell him to sit, which he does and when she releases him- he leaps at her in his Schutzhund moves. She honestly needs those padded arm things. If anyone knows where we can get them cheap, please send the link.

Her Highness has finally learned that to wear white pants with the Shark is an absolutely futile wardrobe decision. The other day she was getting ready to go out to see a friend but made the mistake of putting on white pants before she got the Shark situated in his ex pen. She took him out for a pee- and you guessed it – despite her attempts to keep those pants clean, she ended up with paw prints on her butt before she left. She had to change.

Yesterday, she played it smart and put her pants in the garage so she could change just before she got in the car to go out. She’s learning. Although REALLY – white pants and most dogs are NOT a good combo. You would think Her Highness would know that given all the dogs she has lived with. The Beatnik loves to wipe his face in white pants. The Bernese liked to make sure they left black hair on white pants. With the Shark, it’s footprints. She really should be doing laundry detergent commercials.

Her Highness has come to depend on yours truly to help with the Shark at certain times. For example, yesterday he was having one of his “moments” when he raced through the bushes and plants in front of our house as he was coming inside. Her Highness couldn’t see him – as the foliage is quite dense – but she could see the bushes moving as he raced through. Unfortunately, when he emerged (covered in leaves and sticks) he came out minus one stuffed toy that he had been holding when he went in. She told him to “find it” but she might as well have asked him to bake a cake – he had no idea what she wanted. So she brought him in the house, and took yours truly out. She instructed me to “find it” and I disappeared in the dense brush and emerged with the stuffed dinosaur in no time. I was rewarded with whatever she had in her pocket – which partly included tiny bits of a crumpled tissue. That was a bit of a mistake, but given all the treat crumbs in her pocket, it still tasted fine.

Meanwhile, the Beatnik walks around forlorn and depressed because he is still not allowed to run around in the yard. He seems a bit better, but his muscle pull is still evident. He goes back to his therapist on Saturday for a recheck.

Today we are excited because Joanie is in town. Her Highness has not seen her good friend since January! Joanie has of course not yet met the Shark. I noticed the bandaids are already sitting on the counter….

Time for our constitutional. Have a joyful Monday.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe

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