Be an angel

It’s Squirmy here again!!!! I think I’m liking this blog thing! I get to tell people all around the world about my exciting life! And let’s face it, when you’re just under 4 months old – EVERYTHING is exciting! I mean you can take me on the same walk – and I see and smell different things every day. And I get excited! Pull out a biscuit and I get excited! See a moth fly by – and I get excited! And I try to eat him. Let me run around the yard – and it’s an excellent adventure.

Now sometimes there is work involved. The Boss and I are continuing our excavation project. I’m not quite sure what the final result is supposed to be – I didn’t see the blueprints. Here you see the Boss checking the hole and I take over. The hole is getting deeper. I use that black stick as a measuring tool. I work quickly. It was my second shift as evidenced by my brown feet.

I’ve also learned that tomatoes are yummy. So I have started to pick my own. However, I am NOT supposed to pick the green ones. They can be quite toxic to dogs. I grab a tomato and I run. The enforcer yells “trade” which means she has something that I CAN eat – so I need to trade my bounty for what she has. So far so good.

My enforcer had a wonderful birthday and she told me to thank everyone for all the lovely birthday wishes. Her friend Marg came over to help my enforcer celebrate and she was our first overnight guest since I’ve been here. And guess what?! She went home with NO bandaids! I was an honest to goodness “good boy!” Shocking – I know!!!!

According to the crazy calendar, today is something called Be An Angel Day. I guess it’s about doing random acts of kindness, and being nice to others. Seems like humans sometimes need to be reminded of this. Mind you….SOMETIMES we dogs need to be reminded of it too. Especially like the other guys. They’re old enough to know how to behave. I still have this age thing on my side. You know what I mean – the “he’s just a puppy” excuse. So when you drag shoes out of the closet or pillows off the bed, you can kind of get away with those less than angelic antics. I figure I’ve got at LEAST another 8 months of the puppy excuse. Right? Please be an angel and just nod “yes.”

Now excuse me – I think the closet door is open…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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