Adventures and stuff

It’s Squirmy here!!! Living large and living my best life!!!! Holy moly I had quite the day yesterday!

It began in the morning- when I went for my little walk on the road. And I was walking along, checking out the view when all of a sudden- a DOG appeared. It was Jackson AKA Pig Pen going for a walk with his human. I saw him coming and stopped in my tracks. Other dogs on our road?! Who knew?! Well I guess everybody but me. Anyway, I went right over to the big guy and gave him a sniff, while I wiggled my butt. And I jumped on his human to say hello. Then after all the formal introductions, we went for a little walk with them! I thought that was pretty cool. And I didn’t even bite them.

Then later in the morning, I went with my enforcer on a little road trip back to Peggy’s Cove. I climbed on the rocks and watched people. My enforcer also took my photo. Like I was a movie star. You can see I’m getting bigger!! I also learned that some dogs own not-so-bright humans. We were just about back to our car, and another dog came walking right toward me. He was a little poodle-like guy. Really little. We stopped and my enforcer said I’m just a puppy. The man said, “oh he’s three years old and he’s probably going to lunge at your puppy any second.” Yikes! My enforcer pulled me back just as the mini fluffy bullet did lunge at me. He didn’t get me – but my enforcer would never have stopped if the man didn’t stop too. Um hello? If you KNOW your mini fluffy bullet is going to bite, why not just avoid other dogs? I just looked at him and kept walking.

I came home and was exhausted. Which my enforcer always loves.

Today the guys told me that I need to really behave. Because it’s my enforcer’s birthday!!!!! She’s ancient in dog years.

She tried to get a photo of us last night with a birthday streamer wrapped around us. The Boss said it was an epic fail – whatever that means. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I kept trying to rip it – so in the end we had birthday confetti. This is the best shot she got.

We DO love her. And we’ll be extra good for her special day. I might even share a biscuit with her!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe!

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