Klepto period

It’s me again -Squirmy!!!! You’ll know what? I’m starting to answer to Squirmy! It’s such an appropriate name for me!

My enforcer thinks I’m pretty funny. Sometimes. Other times she threatens to put me on a bus to New Jersey. And I just laugh – because everybody knows the border is still closed!

We know that we puppies go through various stages as we grow. Like the teething stage and various fear periods. And I have entered into the Kleptomaniac period. I am obsessed with getting in that closet – or mini warehouse that my enforcer has. That thing is chockablock full of cool stuff. The BEST thing is a basket full of…are you ready…..SHOES!!!! I am RARELY ever unsupervised- but IF she goes into the bathroom for just a minute, and I’m left out with the other guys, the first thing I now do is push that door open and go exploring. Of course, like all the doors in this house, it squeaks, so my enforcer immediately comes to see what I’m doing. By the time she comes out, I usually have a new piece of foot ware that I have stolen. I wait for her to see that I have it- and as soon as she says “hey what have you got?” I hightail it for the dining room. As FAST as I can possibly go. Now my enforcer KNOWS that she shouldn’t laugh AND she shouldn’t chase me – so she tries to keep a straight face while she offers the Boss some super yummy treat. And you know I have to see what he’s getting. So far, the value of those treats has outweighed the foot ware value – so I abandon my stolen foot ware. So far.

My enforcer was trying to see if ALL puppies go through the Kleptomaniac period. It was interesting to see that hunting breeds particularly like to steal. And busy breeds like Border Collies may do it just to burn off energy. I think that’s me. I’m like the Energizer Bunny. It takes a LOT to tire me out. Anyway, here’s and article about us klepto-canines:


Besides my new role as a robber, I also have started to become very serious about my role as a guard dog. If I hear something out of the ordinary, I bark a really serious big dog bark. Again my enforcer tries to keep a straight face. I guess my sweet looking shaggy appearance doesn’t really go with the Cujo mode.

Well time to go for my morning walk up the driveway. Then I come back and the other guys go out for their walk. And I bark the entire time they are gone. And even with the windows shut, my enforcer can hear me. Any suggestions on how to get me to be quiet are most welcome! Don’t bother suggesting something yummy to eat or chew. Doesn’t work. Although I DID actually eat a couple of biscuits yesterday- but not everything. I’m a chatty guy – what can I say? And I’m lovin’ life and have to tell the world that I do!!! I think I’m precious. Sometimes.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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