Tomato Cages

It’s Squirmy here again. The other two guys are finding this weather too hot – so they didn’t feel like writing. I gladly volunteered!

So what’s new with me. Well I met another neighbor the other day. The nice guy from across the road was putting out his garbage, so my enforcer asked if he had a minute to meet me. He said “sure” so my enforcer went on to tell him that he should just ignore me – and not put his hands out unless he wanted to lose a finger. Just kidding. Sort of. She did say to not make a fuss about me – as I can be aloof with strangers. Yeah – well that was last week. I’m over the aloof stuff. I walked right over and jumped on him. And I didn’t rip off his fingers as he went on to pet me. My enforcer needs to chill – I’m a sociable guy. Sure I don’t love people getting in my face – but what dog does? OK – maybe a Lab or Golden – those guys are pretty laid back. Mind you, even they might not appreciate super closeness with strangers in the first 2 minutes. My enforcer read an article on Wastebook the other day – and it said that people who meet a dog for the first time shouldn’t do the one thing that most people do – put their hand out for the dog to sniff. This article said that we dogs have superpower noses – so no need to stick a hand into our personal space for us to smell you. We already have smelled you. Just stand and wait for US to come over – and then don’t pat us on the head – but rather a few slow pats on the back. If we’re all happy and waggy-tailed, then you can get less reserved with your pats. I mean I’m not suggesting you now slap us on the side, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, I was a polite neighbor and no bandaids were required.

My enforcer tries so hard to be sure I’m safe all the time – and because my bones and joints are still growing, she doesn’t want me racing up and down stairs or jumping off high surfaces. Well – she can control my access to the stairs with a gate – so she has that covered. BUT – outside is a whole other story. You see she had this little vegetable garden and it’s on a little wall. The wall is about 2 feet high. And do you know what? When I get my crazy zoomies, my favorite thing to do is fly off that wall. Up and down. And my enforcer cannot catch me – I’m so fast. So yesterday, she thought she would be clever and she put a row of lawn chairs blocking me from going up and down that wall. So what did I do instead? I PLOWED through that vegetable garden. Lettuce went flying and tomatoes went rolling. The ONE pumpkin came close to being severed from the vine and it’s not nearly finished growing. When I got myself tangled up in the tomato cages, my enforcer had to release me from my bondage – all the time I was in frenzy mode – snapping like a crazed shark. I was exhausted by the time I got out of there. Why do tomatoes need cages anyway? Are they going to take off and go to another part of the garden?!

That’s all my news for today. The coyote is still in quarantine- although he seems a tiny bit better. Still, we’re not allowed to wrestle yet. So I guess it will be me and the tomato cages for the foreseeable future.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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