Howdy everyone. Elroy here. Also known as Gimpy. I must tell you, being injured is not fun.

So I went back to the vet yesterday, and Her Highness was armed with more videos. The vet moved my legs all around – and I was the perfect patient. She concluded I have NO joint issues – she did numerous tests on my joints and everything was fine. The only time I was not comfortable was when she started probing my iliopsoas muscle. That bothered me. I never heard about an iliopsoas before. It almost sounds like some kind of dinosaur. Here’s some info about it:


Sooooo…..today I have an appointment with a Canine Massage Therapist who works with dogs who have soft tissue injuries. My vet said if that doesn’t work out well, she will refer us to someone else. Her Highness is very hopeful that we may get some help today with that therapy. Time will tell. I just need to relax. But it’s hard to be a relaxed canine when you have a new fenced yard where you can run and play – AND you have a Shaggy Shark brother who WANTS to play. I’m just worried that once I’m all better, Her Highness is going to want to wrap me in bubble wrap. Mind you, that might save me from the Shaggy Shark….

Meanwhile, although the snapper is smart, he still hasn’t figured out that mud equals bath. He continues to dig – and continues to get baths. At least he smells nice. After.

But the funniest shark story came in the mail yesterday. It all started because Her Highness has a dear friend who was on a little holiday last weekend. Actually, you might remember her – she is Mighty Milo’s human. We haven’t seen them since the Great Pause. We miss them both!

Anyway, Mighty Milo’s human saw this item in a gift shop while on her holiday- and had to send a photo to Her Highness. Well – you KNOW Her Highness HAD to get this – and both the Boss and I agreed that it was a good purchase. It’s a good warning system for the unsuspecting public. Check it out…

It was perfect timing because the Shaggy Shark is just about to outgrow his second collar. Even putting a collar on the Shark is not a simple task- wrestling with sharp teeth is not easy. But Her Highness did manage to somehow get it on him. Now to get him to stay still long enough for a photo. And before the collar gets all muddy.

I think he’s the guy who should be going for massage and relaxation therapy. If the therapist is willing to take the risk….

Anyway – wish me luck!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

One thought on “Update

  1. Oh my, I hope you get some results with the new therapist. Maybe I could go to her too. I absolutely LOVE the new shark collar/ Seems very fitting for the little guy. Good luck with your appointment and stop wrestling with the little shark.




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