Another update

Howdy readers. Elroy again. I’m figuring you might want to know how I did with my Massage Therapy. So I get to write again. Mind you – I SHOULD be the one writing as it’s like quarantine all over again for moi. I can’t do much of anything else! I’m happy, but not happy.

So here’s the story. I loved the whole massage gig. The therapist, Liz, met me and I was happy to make her acquaintance. Although at first I thought it a bit odd that she just let me walk around the room, while she stared at me. That was a bit spooky. But I then realized she was trying to see where my problem was – and it took her about .05 seconds to figure out which leg was bothering me. So right from the start, I knew she had good eyes.

Then, she started to touch me all over. At first I thought it a bit odd – I would rather be giving her kisses and just jumping around. But after a few minutes, I figured out this whole Zen massage thing – and I let her fingers do the walking. When she would find a tender spot, she would do something magical, because while I initially responded with a jump the first few times she touched the sore area – after she massaged it, I was no longer jumping when she touched it. Her Highness witnessed the whole thing – and could SEE how my muscles relaxed.

Liz thought that my problem was a bit with the iliopsoas muscle – but she felt the REAL problem was actually my pectineus muscle. That’s deeper in the groin. Same general area. Same symptoms though. She showed Her Highness some exercises to do with me daily. I’m not allowed to rough house with the shark and all my walks must be on leash. I can go for a walk up to 20 minutes, but no jumping and acting like a gymnast. She said to continue with the meds my vet gave me – and to add some Omega 3 to my diet. Looks like fish oil will be on the menu. She wants to see me again in 3 weeks.

Her Highness was relieved to hear the same observations from the therapist that we got from our vet. As well as several friends who have watched my videos and have ALL said it was a muscle strain – and not a joint injury. We are aware that this doesn’t necessarily speed up my recovery time, but we’re thankful I’m not looking at surgery.

Meanwhile, the shark is having to entertain himself. The Boss almost lets him play with him – but not like I do. And Her Highness is forever saying “No bite” and stuffing toys in his mouth to take the place of her arm or leg – so she doesn’t play like I do either. The Shark looks longingly at me – and does try to instigate play when I’m out of my crate. Even I try to play with him – by shoving a toy in his face. But Her Highness – the original Fun Police, will not let us have ANY fun. She keeps trying to entertain him and tire him out – and sometimes he does it himself. He runs FULL speed like a balloon with the air escaping – around the yard, under the deck stairs, into the house, out of the house, around the yard, into the vegetable garden, around the yard – and then like a deflated balloon, he collapses. The worst time of day is the morning. It’s like his batteries have been charging overnight, and he’s all juiced up. Her Highness was seriously think about sending a thank you letter to the makers of those Kong things that you stuff with goodies. They have been a godsend. The Boss gets one too – otherwise he stares at the Shark waiting for him to drop it (if he’s not in his crate or ex pen). If the Boss has one, they are both busy. I have been offered one numerous times – but no thanks. Chewing rubber is just not my thing – no matter what it’s stuffed with.

So that’s my story. Patience. Patience. And more patience is what I need. And so does Her Highness. I figure I’ll be all recovered by Christmas, and then she’ll be worried about me on ice. Yup that bubble wrap suit is looking better all the time.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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