Dig it

Greetings blog readers. Frodo here. I’ll begin my blog today with a Jeopardy answer. See if you can figure out the question…

Dogs do this behavior if they are seeking entertainment, comfort, or attention, or they are planning an escape or hunting prey.

And the question? Why do dogs dig?

In our household, we are all lately displaying varying degrees of this behavior. Personally, when I dig, I am trying to find a cool, comfortable spot – and dug up earth provides the perfect bed. Mind you, I also dig at the tile floor in the kitchen as well. My efforts in doing so do not really result in a more comfortable bed, but it doesn’t stop me from trying.

Thus far, none of us has dug anywhere near the fence so clearly we haven’t yet begun to plan our escapes. Note I said “yet.”

As well, none of us have begun to hunt for the chipmunk who has a little hole in our dog yard. In fact, I haven’t seen much of him since the fence was completed. Guess he didn’t want to play fetch. And be the fetch toy.

Now my other two “brothers” dig for both entertainment and for attention. Digging for entertainment is simply a way to burn off energy – or even to potentially bury toys. And when digging occurs just AFTER one has been brushed – and has then headed for the mud hole when Her Highness shouts “no” – that’s for attention. This behavior is demonstrated perfectly by the Shaggy Shark.

On a different topic, the Beatnik was feeling in tip top condition when he visited the vet the other day. Her Highness could not accompany him in yet – so she described his problem to the technician who came out to gather him. Complete with video footage. However, the vet saw no evidence of a problem when she examined him and said he could return to normal activities. Oh – he DID have one rather embarrassing problem having to do with his ummm…anal glands. They were – how can I say this, rather enlarged – and needed “attention.” Her Highness had discovered that in the morning, before his appointment- so she had mentioned it. She had actually found a site on the internet which said that “uncomfortable” glands could even result in lameness in some cases. She wondered if this could have attributed to his rather unusual soreness.

Anyway, his glands were attended to – and all seemed right with the world. That is until he began running and wrestling with the shark again – and guess what? He was sore again. So he will be returning to the vet – AND I believe I also heard about a visit to a Canine Rehab specialist. More on that to follow.

I understand the Shaggy Shark has a special package that will be arriving in the post any day now. Perhaps when we next write, we will be able to share the mystery parcel. My bets are on shampoo….But we’ll see…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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