Greetings readers. Frodo here. Reporting from the circus. If anyone is looking for an older, distinguished PON, who is generally well mannered, who knows a variety of obedience commands, who avoids puddles (therefore rarely requiring the need for drying off), and who will guard your home, road and county – I am looking for a new abode. At least for a few days.

I’m afraid I have met my match with the new addition. I thought I had strong vocal qualities, and a bit of a stubborn streak at times- but I concede defeat to the Shaggy Shark. That lad is louder than yours truly – and he never, ever gives up once he has an idea in his mind. Here is a quick clip of him attempting to convince me to play – and we eventually end up performing a duet. And yes. This goes on frequently in the course of a day….

Heaven help me.

Meanwhile, the Beatnik is currently out of commission because after a roll-a-thon and chase-a-thon with the shark the other night, he ended up with a sore leg. Or foot. Or toe. One cannot actually determine what is wrong other than the fact that he is favoring a rear leg. He appears to walk well, but prefers not to put much weight on that leg while standing. Her Highness moved his leg, examined his pads, his nails, and his toes- and he showed no signs of pain. No signs of swelling. No heat on any joint areas. But of course, Her Highness immediately envisions the worst orthopedic problems in the Merck Manual. So the poor Beatnik is currently on crate rest. Understandably, he is not very pleased. Please send good thoughts for a speedy recovery. Like by the end of today. Or he’ll be making a trip to the vet….

We’ve had no visitors since the last group was sent away sporting flashy bandaids. Just joking. Sort of. The Shark did not go out socializing, as we have had extremely hot weather – so Her Highness knew once he would step outside the air conditioned vehicle, he would be unhappy. And who wants an unhappy shark? Personally, I think a little overheating might have slowed him down a bit. Just joking. Sort of.

Despite what might sound like a disapproving tone – I do like the imp. He’s not afraid to speak his mind – and he completely respects yours truly. Probably even more than he respects Her Highness. That’s because I have sharper teeth. And I’m not afraid to use them. I suppose I SHOULD give some lessons to Her Highness. But I need to let her think it’s her idea.

In the meantime, though, I am still looking for a few days away if anyone will have me. Better yet, I’ll stay and you can borrow the shark. Bring him back when those teeth come out.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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