Squirmy views

Squirmy here everybody! I’m a couple days older than the last time I wrote – so I think that I’m even more mature. Sure I am! I want to be a biting, wild, Shaggy Shark puppy FOREVER! You know that song, “Born to be Wild?” It’s my theme song! That and “BabyShark.” I mentioned that so you’ll be stuck with that song all day now.

My latest skill is RACING as fast as I can under the deck stairs, and attempting to bury my toys there. I’ve learned in the past few days that IF you grab the hose while the enforcer is watering the garden (the one I did a little dance in the other day), you end up getting all wet. And when you dig and try to bury your toys after getting all wet, your fur turns a different color!

Then, after you get really good and muddy, the party comes to an abrupt halt. And you are taken into the torture palace ( that’s what the Boss calls it), you are put in a tub, you get all soapy, and then you get all rinsed off. Yup. That really happened to me. And if that wasn’t enough of a shock, IMAGINE my surprise when the enforcer turned on this THING that blows air like a jet engine. Good thing I’m not a chihuahua- I would have been blown off the table. The enforcer introduced the air slowly – but I didn’t care. I mean it’s just air. Anyway, after I was all fluffy and clean, she let me out for a pee and she had to tackle me because after I peed, I was headed back to bury more toys. Good times.

I must confess, I’m feeling sad because my best buddy is in house arrest. The coyote’s leg IS better- but still not 100%. Most people wouldn’t even notice he has a problem, but the enforcer, with her constant surveillance, watches every move he makes. She sent a couple of videos of him to her buddy Glenda, who said in 2/3 videos, she saw nothing unusual. She did see a tiny issue in one video – so she said to keep him sequestered for a few more days. I just stay outside his house and wait for him….When I’m not trying to rip the sheets off the bed.

As a result of not being able to torment er…. I mean play with the coyote, I’m stuck with the grump. He won’t play, but he will sing along. Here’s another duet – to drive your dogs crazy!

You know, I like to follow the enforcer wherever she goes. Except I’m no longer allowed in the bathroom. There was this little incident with pulling most of the toilet paper off the roll that got me banned from the bathroom. Some people call it the restroom. The enforcer calls it that because it’s the only place she can get away from us and rest- and where I don’t bark incessantly outside the door. I know she has to eventually come out – so I just wait. She mumbled something the other day about putting a cot in there. She’s pretty funny.

So those are my latest views on this cool world. Some people are all stressed out about this pandemic thing and the state of the world. Not me! It’s the only world I know. I was born in the pandemic. I’m a pandemic puppy. I find it hard to believe things could get any better. I guess it’s all about perspective. I’ve got food, a house, water, brothers to kill…er I mean play with…. Toys and furniture to chew on. A yard to dig in. What more could a guy want?

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Squirmy views

  1. To the Enforcer, is there a movie in the works..? In any case when our boy was a puppy, he always wanted to know where we both were pretty much the same as now. Vicki and I went out one to front and one to the back to water plants, and it takes 10 minutes as soon I shut the door in back ( I was the last one out) I heard a couple of barks and Thor ran down the hall took all of the paper off the roll drug it down the hallway and over turned the waste basket in the rest room…. when we came in from outside we sternly barked at he was all of 12 weeks…. very interesting dogs…..


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