What I’m learning

Howdy blogaroos. It’s me again “no, no, no.” I’m here to tell you the stuff I’m learning. Oh wait – the stuff I’m TEACHING my enforcer.

When it’s meal time and I get absolutely crazy crazy CRAZY, I found out I apparently need to be settled down before I get my food. So instead of launching myself off my enforcer, I sit in my meal time place and I wait while she puts my bowl down. Initially, she needed to hold my collar and to tell me to wait, but within two days I figured out the rule, and now I sit all by myself and wait to be told “free” so I can throw myself into my food dish.

I get tons of treats throughout the day. If I sit instead of jump on the enforcer, I get a treat. If I come when called, I get a treat. If I retrieve, I get a treat. If I’m silent in my crate, I get a treat. I suppose I should clarify a big thing here. When I say treat- it’s usually a piece of my kibble. But I don’t care – it’s food!

Meanwhile, the Grump sees what I do, so he hurries over to the enforcer too. He even answers to my name! He has probably gained 5 lbs since I arrived. Yesterday, I heard the enforcer even say to him “ your name is not Wojtekl!”

I learn from the Grump too. He shows me how to do things like spin around, twist the other way, and how to walk on a leash. He’s my idol. He’s almost starting to play with me – but I have to watch out for him because he steals my toys and then gets SUPER cranky if I try to get them back. The enforcer takes them from him – and guess what he gets? A treat. I’m going to stop calling him Grumpy – I’ll be calling him Tubby soon.

The coyote and I are buddies again. He was kind of annoyed with me for a few days because I must confess, I WAS biting him too hard. But I get it – I need to do a light bite. That makes him much more happy!

I still do try to bite my enforcer when I’m excited. Every day she puts on a clean shirt and discovers it has a tiny hole in it. Same thing for her shorts. I suggested that maybe it’s moths. But since they aren’t wool – I become the usual suspect.

That’s it for now. I think I’m due for an outing today. Wonder what new establishment will be graced with my presence?

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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