Lovin’ life

Howdy doody blogaroos. Squirmy here. Coming to you to let you know how great life is. Yup – we puppies have it made. All two leggeds should take a lesson from us. Our whole purpose in life is to play and eat. I’m happy doing both. Oh and I also like to bite. But I’m learning that’s not the wisest thing to do. Like when the Hoverer threw a toy for the coyote, and I was standing behind her, and when I ran to try to get the toy too, I just couldn’t RESIST grabbing her leg as I ran by. Only problem was she was wasn’t wearing long pants. Good thing I’m a fast runner!

The coyote and I have discovered we both have a favorite hobby! Digging. Especially under the deck stairs. That is just SO much fun.

The coyote still plays with me – but he’s a bit more tough on me since my first day here. When I walk by him, he never takes his eyes off me because he never knows when I’ll go into frenzy mode. The Hoverer bought us a new toy – so we could BOTH hold it at the same time. Well, I should say WE bought a new toy because I got to go with the Hoverer to the pet store again! I even walked through those automatic doors this time. And I wasn’t the least bit shy with the clerks who gathered around to feed me. Seriously- I’m telling you life is good.

So the new toy is a Tugga Wubba. This toy will not be left out for us to destroy – but we can play and fetch it while supervised. There’s a lot of stuff like that around here. All of my puppy toys have to be put in my pen – because the Grump likes to steal them – and then he dissects anything that has stuffing. Like the Killer Carrot. The carrot is a stuffed toy that I got from Maggie- and it fits perfectly in my mouth when I get out of my crate or pen. That’s so I don’t bite the Hoverer when I’m so excited. It’s aptly named because I want to kill something when I’m freed. So better the carrot than the Hoverer’s hands. Anyway, if I drop the carrot, the Grump stealthily grabs it to take it away for dissection.

The Hoverer made two new snacks for us this past weekend . The first one caused our house to be like a real honest to goodness sauna. That’s because she had the oven on at a low temperature for hours. Making us sweet potato chews. Better we chew sweet potatoes than carpets. She buys them at the pet store – but she decided she would make them herself. Only problem with the first batch was that she left them in kinda long – and they were more like biscuits than chews. No matter. We’ll eat anything. The next batch was better. Sort of. They weren’t hard anyway.

She also took a banana that was getting kinda mushy, she mashed it in a bowl and then scooped it into an ice cube tray. Of course the cubes weren’t cubes – they were in the shape of bones. As if we care! Then she stuck two frozen blueberries in each bone with the banana, and froze them. They were a hit after the sauna. Yeah – it’s nice to be a spoiled puppy.

I have to tell you how well I’m training the Hoverer. And I’ve trained the Grump too! Stay tuned!!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Lovin’ life

  1. Interesting Squirmy I don’t remember our PON letting others feed him? He has always been very standoffish with new people ……


    1. Well Squirmy isn’t like Elroy – that’s for sure. But we’re working on getting him a bit less timid in new situations. He’s good at home – because he has the support of his pack, but in his own, he gets more worried. But it’s coming!


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