More company

Hey everybody- Elroy here. Hope you are all ready to celebrate today. According to the crazy calendar, today is a day to remember that old TV show called Mork and Mindy, which debuted in 1978. I totally got the holiday title mixed up – I was SURE it was about our household. The name of the holiday? “Invite an Alien to Live with You Day”. I have to tell you, that Shaggy Shark is definitely like an alien sometimes…

I have had to let him know I don’t appreciate puncture wounds. And he is learning. Now he jumps at me from behind and then rolls so I can’t grab him. He’s pretty darn quick!

Today he goes to the Vet. I hope they give him sedatives.

We told you about Carine’s visit the other day but we neglected to mention one small detail. Although the Shaggy Shark WAS friendly- Carine did leave here sporting two bandaids. Shark tooth victim. So now Her Highness is drafting a waiver for anyone who comes to visit.

She didn’t quite have it completed when another friend came by yesterday. Another “dog-savvy” friend, Wendy stopped in to meet the Shark – and really to see all of us. We were sequestered on the deck when she came in- and then Her Highness “released the hounds.” I bounded over to give licks, the Boss hurried over to bark his welcome greeting and the Shaggy Shark raced over to size up his next victim. Thankfully, Wendy also KNOWS dogs very well- and Her Highness said not to let “little needle teeth” take any chunks of flesh. I should note that the Shark is not AGGRESSIVE- he just hasn’t figured out the toothy greetings are not nice. And Wendy did let him know when he played a bit TOO hard. All in all though, this visit required no bandaids – so progress IS being made.

I really wanted to go with the Shark to the Vet today to see him get his needle. But Her Highness said no. Something about seeing Mr. Needle teeth GET a needle would be very….satisfying. I’ll just be on guard duty with the Boss – waiting on pins and needles for the little guy’s return. I think I made a joke. Get my point?

OK. Enough sharp comments for now. The Boss is pulling away my iPawd….He said enough of my barbs. Na-nu. Na-nu.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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