A fence!

Hey everybody- Elroy here. You haven’t heard from me – because I have learned to be low key in the past few days. If you make a sudden move – that Shaggy Shark is after you! So I’ve learned to keep all moves slow – and watch out from behind….

Now it’s not that I don’t like the little guy – but can someone please tell me when those needle teeth will fall out?! Until then, he has to learn to entertain himself. I did come up with a clever plan though. I always like to hurl my toys, bones and sometimes food items across the room. It’s one of my many endearing qualities. Unless a bone happens to be hurled at your shin. Or your head. Then that cute trait isn’t so cute.

BUT – because the Shaggy Shark has a pretty limited attention span, if he goes to attack yours truly, I just grab and toss a toy – and voila – he goes after it! Then I chase him around the dining room table like I really want that toy that I have previously shown no interest in. Ya race around until his little feet are tired, and then you can relax. For two minutes.

I have also acquired a new behavior. One that I never did much before- but one that I learned from the PONs. Barking. Especially barking when playing. The Shaggy Shark barks at me – and I bark back at him. It makes for an interesting breakfast for Her Highness.

The Boss and I are back to our regular morning walks- while the Shaggy Shark shouts out begging for our return. He’s got a pretty loud bark – so Her Highness closes the windows when we go….

His socialization continues and he got to go up to the neighbors’ place the other night. I understand he was relatively well behaved. Amazing what 5 lbs of treats can do.

On Friday, Her Highness’ friend Carine came by to meet the new kid. Instead of just taking the Shaggy Shark out to meet her when she arrived, Her Highness, also took yours truly along. Probably because I’m the model of friendliness and welcoming joy. Not that the Boss isn’t as well- but he barks a lot, and Her Highness thought I would be a better teacher. Who knew? Me as a teacher. Now you know the world is officially upside down.

Anyway, as predicted, I greeted Carine with my usual happy greeting – and in watching me, the Shaggy Shark followed my lead, raced over to her and jumped on her like she was an old friend. Everybody better remember what a good teacher I was!

Meanwhile, yesterday, Her Highness and our neighbor Paul, started a new project in our backyard. We watched the proceedings from the rec room. It looks like my days of wild escapes will soon be over – they are building a FENCE!!!!! Yup- our big back lawn will be all fenced in!!!! We have lots more property than they are fencing, but this will give us PLENTY of room to RUN. I mean RUN. I’ll actually be able to play with the Shark and RUN AWAY. Her Highness is SO excited. She doesn’t see us wanting to spend tons of time out there on our own – and that’s not why she’s doing it. She just wants us to be contained and safe when she’s playing with us. No more long lines. Unless of course we go take our path to the lake. Then we’ll be on a line. But in the back yard- whoo hoo- FREEDOM!!

I’m not sure what’s on the agenda today – but I’m hoping to go for a swim. I deserve it. Hey maybe I can show Squirmy how to swim! Nah – then he’ll even be able to follow me in the water. Like a REAL shark. Let’s pass on THAT idea..

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

3 thoughts on “A fence!

  1. Well boys, I trust that you are being well entertained as you watch teh Boss and myself erect The Wall! You might ask her if you can listen to some Pink Floyd as we work. Now that would be entertainment. But you are correct….this is not a wall of punishment but one of liberation. Have fun!!


    1. I just love your crew, lol! I look forward to the updates/news about each of them, very funny! I have a PON as well and their traits are undeniably similar. Thanks for making me laugh!


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