It’s Squirmy here. Short for Squirmy wormy. I’m here to tell you that there’s a HUGE world beyond quarantine!!!! And wow – I have lots to learn.

My enforcer decided on our first day of freedom that I needed to meet some two-leggeds. I’m not ready to meet other four leggeds until I have some kind of shot that I’m getting next Tuesday. I’m Polish, but something tells me it’s not a shot of vodka….

Anyway, on our first day out of solitary, the first thing we did was go to the grocery store. It seems to be a pretty easy thing to do. You sit in your car, call a number on the phone and voila – somebody brings you food. I like it. I was in my crate and watched as the girl brought out all kinds of goodies. It’s too bad I was in my crate – I could have helped unpack!

Then we went to Doggie Disney (DD )- also known as the Pet Store – but I didn’t go in, this time. I sat in my crate in the car with all the windows wide open. I was pretty chilly because it was a cloudy day with low temperatures. My enforcer could watch the car from in the store. I’m saying these things because the the Grump aka the Boss told me that if you put controversial stuff in this blog, people could get mad. Stuff like leaving a dog in a car unattended in the summer. But not to worry – My Enforcer is also known in many circles as The Obsessor too. So trust me – I was SAFE.

My Enforcer returned with multiple Kongs – so even the other guys can have one while I have mine. I’m finding out all about fairness. One of us gets something- and we ALL get something. I just hope those guys don’t like Brussels Sprouts.

After those adventures, we went home – where we all sampled treats from DD. Well – we canines did. My Enforcer isn’t into liver bits. We relaxed a bit and when it was time for lunch, I witnessed something odd. Instead of pouring my lunch into a bowl, My Enforcer put all my food into her pockets. Except, of course for my yoghurt- that would have been messy. Then she put me back in the car.

The guys thought maybe THIS TIME I was being returned to where I came from….

But little did they (or I) know that I was going to Marg’s house. Remember Marg is one of the two leggeds who looked after my brothers while My Enforcer went to get me!!!! They probably won’t like Marg anymore….

Anyway, I got to visit Marg’s place. I was shy for about 5 minutes and then I essentially took over their yard. I met Marg’s husband Bernie, and in no time I was eating from their hands and attempting to rip the clothes off their bodies. I successfully barked and growled at Mabel, the puppy Golden Retriever girl, next door (through the fence) who effectively turned her back on me. I was crushed by my first crush. I successfully ran through their vegetable garden and attempted to dig some new holes for possible new plantings. I did have a temper tantrum when My Enforcer tried to remove me from a corner of the yard where I was thrashing and digging madly in an effort to get over to Mabel. Well I think I was trying to get to Mabel – I was just in a frenzy mode. I learned that temper tantrums with shark-like behavior are not tolerated – and are firmly but kindly brought under control – even with people watching. But remember, I’m a quick study so the whole sordid event lasted 2 minutes and after I calmed down I was free to once again run and destroy the yard. Ah the life of a puppy!

On the way home in the car, I was unconscious. My Enforcer checked to be sure I wasn’t dead. All that excitement wears a guy out.

Yesterday My Enforcer decided to take me to one of Nova Scotia’s most famous tourist places – Peggy’s Cove. I walked on big rocks and saw a lighthouse. There were not many people there at first – but then more came. I was a LITTLE tentative about people climbing up and down rocks – but my lunch, which was again located in My Enforcer’s pocket, made things much less scary. A man and woman stopped us and asked if I was a Tibetan Terrier. And when My Enforcer said “no”- before she could even say what was, the woman asked if I was a PON!!! Cool or what? Probably had nothing to do with the fact that My Enforcer was wearing a sweatshirt that said I LOVE MY PON. But really – the woman did seem to know about me, and while I was initially shy, within minutes I was dodging and darting in an effort to play. I got much more brave.

I didn’t realize about this whole photo thing that My Enforcer does. You’re supposed to sit and look at the camera. Who knew? She needed octopus arms to wrangle me, treats, her phone and the leash. I’m starting to get the idea- but I do come by the name Squirmy for a good reason. She WORKED for these photos. You can tell there was a breeze blowing in at least one…..

So those were my adventures for two days! Meanwhile, the other guys got to go for long walks while I stayed home and screamed. So I guess the experiences balance out. Sort of.

Stay tuned for more “socialization” stuff from me. I think I’ll keep milking the shy stuff – so we keep doing more. Trust me – I have this under complete control….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Adventures

  1. You are learning fast 🙂 I think all PONS/TT’s/Beardies look the same when puppies, so don’t be offended, you are still gorgeous 🙂


  2. Clearly the confusion between PON an TT is common and having both is a good combination. We love our Phronsie PON and Mamie TT to bits. They are totally bonded and are never far apart…..and…. they also fight like sisters!😂🐾❤️


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