Frodo here, for your reading pleasure today. Well it continues to be an interesting turn of events each and every day since the arrival of the disheveled Selachimorpha. Better known as the Shaggy Shark.

He tries in earnest to be my friend, and I have allowed him to lick my face- and to bark at me, but I draw the line at biting me. And he understands that. It appears that he believes biting is the way to communicate-but he IS learning to give kisses instead of bites. Thank goodness. I know we will all be happy when his needles fall out…

He was actually rather civilized yesterday when Her Heighness had a surprise visit from some old friends – Glady and Don. Well, “civilized” meaning no one left wearing bandaids. We count that as a good thing.

In other news – we just acquired a new addition for the dog paraphernalia museum. A snuffle mat. For those not familiar with the device, it is essentially a mat made of long fiber or pieces of fabric. Think shag carpet. You sprinkle food or treats in the fibers of the device. Then we get to look for them. The point of the device is to stimulate our noses – and make us work for food or treats. We are supposedly also stimulating our brains. Her Highness had seen them before, but of course, had to research and review all the snuffle mats on the market. Apparently you can make your own – but given the many unfinished projects in this household, she thought it best that she order one on line. Another pandemic purchase.

Her Highness initially envisioned us turning the thing over and shaking out the treats – so she stood ready to hold it down with her feet. But she didn’t need to! We were so busy looking, we didn’t pick it up. Here are some quick samples of each of us using the mat. Note the Beatnik can’t be bothered to stand and look. He just lies down. Her Highness was surprised he even wanted to do it – given his inconsistent interest in food in general. But he did!

Needless to say, the snuffle mat must be removed after our treat search is completed. There is no question that one or all of us would attempt to destroy it.

This mat that she purchased – the Paw5 Wooly- appears to be quite durable – and is machine washable. Which is a good thing. I personally give it 5/5 paws up. According to the package, it is “sustainably sourced and handmade.” Perfect buzz words. But as I said – you CAN make one on your own.

Yesterday was the great reveal – to us dogs. The fence is complete! In a ceremonial “running of the-bulls” type of event, Her Highness threw open the rec room door and said “Be free!” The Beatnik and the Shark ran around a bit but because we are experiencing very hot temperatures, it wasn’t a few minutes before everyone was simply lying in the shade. Her Highness is clearly over the moon about it. The younger guys are going to LOVE running about – without a long line. I, on the other hand have always been trustworthy to be free. Well I suppose “always” may be a bit untrue. Most of the time. When I feel like it….Anyway, it will add a much-needed accessory to our dog home. And proper thing – because we dogs DO own this house.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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