We need an oil can

Hey everybody- Elroy here! Holy smokes, our household is pretty wild these days. The Shaggy Shark has pretty much taken over – and her highness thinks he is even busier than I was when I was a puppy. Can you imagine? One thing I know for sure, she didn’t need an oil can when I was a pup.

But before I get to our need for fixing a number of squeaky doors, let me just tell you, I have had to let the Shaggy Shark know when I have had enough. He’s all cute and fuzzy looking, but underneath that sweet exterior is a monster. A monster who never lets up attacking when he gets in his “frenzy” mode. He bites and bites – and her highness is sporting puncture wounds on her ankles, hands and butt!!! Oh yeah – she has tried the loud “OUCH” and that signals for him, that he is winning the game! He just comes back harder! I know what you’ll say next- “Walk away.” That’s hard to do when his teeth are clamped on your pant leg. Shake him by the scruff- nah – does nothing. Mind you – the Boss just needs to LOOK at him and he doesn’t attempt any biting with him. I guess her highness and yours truly have to show our teeth more!

I DO enjoy playing with him when he’s not in frenzy mode, though. And he’s super cute when he’s sleeping.

When he’s sleeping, her highness will try to sneak out of the room. She has to sneak away, because if he sees her going – he starts screaming and shouting. He can have THE yummiest stuffed Kong – and if he sees her going, it’s game over. The other day she tried to sneak upstairs and she gestured to the Boss that he should stay. She got to the stairs when the Boss went to follow her, waking up the Shaggy Shark. The shouting began.

She has to oil the door to the garage – because it squeaks. And he thinks that means food time- since our food is stored in the garage. He RACES to the door when it is opened. He’s JUST like Viktor – he dodges like a little football player around her legs to get in there.

He can be all relaxed after he has played, eaten, peed and pooped and he’s content to go in his ex pen. As long as she is in the room. Last week, when she went out to mow the lawn, he shouted pretty much non-stop for over an hour!!!

BUT – I do think it’s getting better because yesterday she mowed and weed whacked for almost two hours – and he was silent. I think it’s also because she locked the gate at the bottom of the stairs so the Boss and I had to stay down there with him. The Boss wasn’t impressed – but he went to sleep.

When her highness came in from outside, that’s also when she cursed the squeaky garage door. She THOUGHT she could MAYBE, sneak in and take a quick shower after her work outside. But the squeaky door gave her away and the Shaggy Shark siren went into full blown mode. She could have ignored him – but she also knows that after a two hour nap, he would need to pee. So she let the beast loose. Ah – fun and games!!

He is also getting more bold – and fast. When she took him out, he was in his post nap revved up frenzy mode (come to think of it, he gets in frenzy mode when he’s tired too) – and while he was outside, he was insistent on going under bushes in front of the house- to stay out of the sun. That’s the photo you see. He was on a long line-and her highness STILL couldn’t get him out. He started digging and growling at the bushes and barking. He finally came out as a muddy, leaf covered mess when she started squeaking a toy like crazy. Of course he came out to investigate- she tossed the toy and then slowly approached him from behind to grab him. She’s getting lots of good exercise with him.

I’ve had a couple of good swims which I love. Plus alone time with her highness is good too. She’s anxious for her quarantine to be over so we can get back into our longer walks again. She has a few more days to go.

Well – time to begin another day at the circus. We really should sell tickets. Hey – I think we would make a GREAT reality TV show!! Mind you, anybody thinking about getting a dog (who doesn’t already have one), might change their mind….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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