Product review

Frodo here blog readers. I sincerely hope you all had a pleasant weekend. Although in our household, every day is like a weekend day. For us canines anyway.

Today I want to share a product review. And in this review, I will share a video to demonstrate just how smart the little imp is who recently joined our previously tranquil abode.

At Christmas time, “Santa” brought us two interesting toys. Her highness ordered one – but somehow received two. Possibly because the company knew the product wouldn’t last long so they preemptively sent a replacement. I believe Viktor may have actually quickly mentioned this in one of his postings. The toy is a ball, attached to a bungee cord which is further attached to a suction cup. A deceiving advertisement made it appear that you could suction the device to the floor, and your dog would have hours of fun playing with the ball- tugging and going around in circles. False advertising I’m afraid. It didn’t work. It never stuck to the floor. So the toy was put away. And forgotten about until this week.

Her highness decided to try it again. She stepped on the suction cup in a futile attempt to make it stick to the floor. It didn’t work. So then she attempted to stick it to a wall. And low and behold, it held. For a few minutes anyway. The Shaggy Shark found it entertaining. But being the clever little imp that he is – well he figured that he could remove it himself. Note how he goes for the suction cup…

When he would finally remove the device ( or it simply fell off the wall) he would then run away with it. The toy has returned to the Damaged Toy museum in the garage. But I must point out – the Shaggy Shark is pretty clever to figure out that he needed to remove the actual suction piece. Yes – this little one is smarter than the average imp.

Meanwhile, on Saturday night, if anyone within a 10 km radius of our home heard shouting around 10:30 PM above a torrential downpour, that would have been her highness shouting at the only water loving dog in this household to “go pee.” It was nearing bedtime – and the rain was like Niagara Falls. She attempted to take the imp out first with an umbrella. That was an epic fail as she was holding the umbrella over him – while she was getting drenched. He DID pee quickly though. Yours truly went out very begrudgingly on a long line and did my thing and raced back to the house. Then it was the Beatnik’s turn. He would walk two feet, shake himself off and then would hightail it back to the house. Without peeing. I might add that her highness foolishly was NOT rain gear – because she had HOPED to be quick. When I went out, she stood under the covered porch so she stayed dry. And she tried that with the Beatnik. To no avail. She finally ended up standing in the middle of the lawn under the waterfall-like conditions – shouting “PLEASE GO PEEEEEEE!” above the roar of the rain. He finally did. When all her clothes were soaked. They both looked like drowned rats as she toweled him off when they got in the door. Good times.

I understand her highness has just one more day after today in her quarantine. The Beatnik and I are anxious to get back out for our walks along the road. I must survey any changes – and protect the neighborhood from intruders. Perhaps I shall rest up today to prepare for my return to work. I understand there are new neighbors on the road. I must go and shout out my welcomes. And now the imp will also be able to explore Nova Scotia. Just THINK of all the new adventures….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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