More observations

Hey everybody! It’s me again! Wojtus! Aka Shaggy Shark! I’ll just put this song right here, so it will permeate your brain and you’ll think of me ALL DAY!

Everybody looks at pictures of me and they say “look how sweet he is…..he’s so adorable.” Tee hee. They don’t see me when I go into my frenzy mode. I RUN wherever I am- whether it’s outside or around the dining room table. Then I launch myself off whatever comes my way – whether it’s the hoverer (I must get a new name for her), or the coyote or my crate ….or the old guy. Launching off the old guy is not advisable. When I’m in TOTAL full on frenzy mode, my feet work in sync with my jaws. I’m running and snapping. So if you TRY to stop me, you have to hold me out away from you because I’m like a snapping turtle.

The coyote and I play outside for just a few minutes until the hoverer breaks us up. Sometimes the fun police (the old guy) just stands and barks at us. Other times he just stays in the distance and watches.

One thing everybody has figured out is that I LOVE food. The hoverer is kind of shocked how much I remind her of some guy named Viktor. I’ve only been here a week and I already try desperately to get into the garage. I haven’t seen where the dog food is kept in there- but I’ve already figured out that whenever it is meal time, the food comes from that room. So I’m crazy about getting in there. I also like to carry my food dish around – just like that Viktor guy did.

I don’t mind getting brushed on this tall table. I mean not for long. But I’m getting the whole “lie on your side and then get a treat thing.” That’s if I’m not a squirmy wormy.

I’m kinda bold – I’ll run off into the woods for .09 seconds – just long enough to make the hoverer panic. Seriously, I know my way back.

I also have figured out how to be a guard dog. The hoverer had a friend pick up something outside our door the other day and I watched him through the window. I growled at him. I’m pretty sure I scared him off because he left right away.

The old guy had to get brushed last night – and I tried to save him by shouting “help – he needs help.” The entire time he was being brushed in the garage. My yelling must have worked because they eventually stopped. The hoverer didn’t even know it had started raining really hard – she couldn’t hear the rain over my shouting. I’m getting the impression that continual shouting is not really appreciated. I can’t WAIT to see how she’s going to get me to stop.

So those are my observations for today. I’ve been here for over a week today. And I’m pretty sure I am past my “return by” date. My big mission right now is to get that old guy to play with me. He will. I know it. Come on – who can’t love me? Except when I’m doing my shark/snapping turtle routine….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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