Hey everybody. It’s me Wojtek! Guess what? I have more new names! I’m called Squirmy Wormy, Squeaks, Little Poophead (that’s usually after my teeth meet with human skin), and Loud mouth. I also hear the name STOP. A lot. Personally, I like Squirmy Wormy.

Now some might call me busy. I think I’m just a typical 10 week old puppy. And already, I am learning LOTS about training humans. Let me give you a rundown of our early morning routine.

First off, I have learned to sleep through the night. I’m in a wire crate right next to the hoverer. As soon as I suspect she might be waking up, I sit up – usually around 5-5:45. And then as soon as she turns on the light, I shout out “Good morning!” Several times. Especially if she decides to go in the bathroom for 15 seconds.

I sit quietly when she comes to open the door and I have already learned to sit and stay in my crate until the door is open and she says “OK.” Then I explode out!

She scoops me up, I give her a big kiss and we head outside where my little bladder is finally able to burst open. Sometimes twice! Then I race back to the front door.

After that, she feeds me part of my breakfast. Because I am STARVING. While I’m eating, the old guy gets some kinda pill that he’s supposed to have before meals. Then I get to go out again – because I need to poop. I usually pee again too. Then I’m feeling all revved up! If I don’t attempt to race off into the woods, I jump on the hoverer and attack her. I’m practicing Schutzhund moves. Yesterday she removed my teeth from her sleeve and walked away. That didn’t deter me – I jumped up and bit her in the butt. I’m not sure I’ll do that again.

After that I race back into the house, because the other guys have to get their breakfast, and they need to go out. I’m given the rest of my breakfast while I’m in my crate – and those guys go out one at a time. As soon as they step out the door – I begin shouting “have a good walk.” Over and over and over and over and over…..Even though I’m not alone because one of them is with me, I don’t stop shouting. The hoverer actually closes windows – so we can reduce the sound of my shouting to a 5km radius from a 10 km radius.

When those guys are done, I become silent. No more need to shout. So I wait patiently while the hoverer opens my crate door. Then I go out for another pee.

I come back in, and now it’s yoghurt container time. I sit patiently and each of us gets to lick the container. I’m last. I get it – there’s a seniority thing. I might lobby for taking turns differently. But I won’t shake things up until I’ve been here a bit longer.

After the yoghurt container licks, we then get blueberries. The hoverer sings this little blueberry song and again, I’m last in the lineup. I’ve watched the other guys eat the little blue orbs, and so I figure they must be edible. I no longer spit them out.

After that, I go out for one more pee. Before the hoverer has her breakfast.

Yesterday, I kept jumping on her while she was eating, at the same time the old guy was attempting to rip a hole in her pocket because she had some kibble in there. She announced “take a break.” She put me in my crate with a frozen Kong loaded with yoghurt, kibble and treats. I took two licks and stared screaming for my release. She waited until I got quiet and let me out – which resulted in me and the coyote-like guy racing around the dining room table. The hoverer ate the rest of her breakfast while standing because she was also acting as referee.

Yesterday she didn’t even attempt to finish reading the paper or finish her coffee. She announced “we’re all going downstairs.” That means I’m going in my other prison – the ex pen. It’s full of toys and a bed- and of course she also puts that Kong in. I shouldn’t probably snitch – but she has to battle the old guy who wants my Kong and my favorite toys. He tries to sneak in my pen. She clearly needs to buy more Kongs.

But before I go in my pen – guess what? I get to go out for another pee! Yesterday when I came in, I did settle down and work on my Kong for about 15 minutes. By now it was already 7:30!

So I have trained the hoverer to take me out LOTS of times throughout the day. I have trained her to let me out of my crate or ex pen – just by being quiet. HOWEVER – I do participate in nonstop shouting when she’s not in the immediate vicinity. Like when she takes the other guys out – or she attempts to shower.

I’m having such a wonderful time training everybody here!!! Stay tuned for more of my adventures! The hoverer says it’s a good thing I’m cute. And trust me, I know it!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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