The Village

Yo everybody. Elroy here! So how do I tell my story today? I guess I might as well get right to it. I’m afraid that despite my wonderful behavior in tolerating the Shaggy Shark, I almost jeopardized my title as “Good dog.” So I’m here to make my confession….

But before I get into my little “misstep,” I need to tell you about our village. You know that old saying “It takes a village to raise a child?” Well…it takes a village to help the crazy lady who has a circus of dogs at her house too.

We told you the story of Wojtek’s journey from the US, and how her highness needed to cross multiple borders to get him home. But hello? Did anyone wonder what the Boss and I were doing in the meantime?! I’m sure you did – but just didn’t ask. So let me tell ya the scoop.

We had a VILLAGE of people looking after us. And it was all carefully orchestrated. Her highness took us out super early the morning she left to get the Shaggy Shark. Then, mid-morning, our old friend Anna, who used to give Viktor his pills sometimes, came by to let the Boss and me out for a pee. Later that afternoon, one of her highness’ best friends, Marg, came by to walk us, give the Boss his cardiac medication, and feed us. She also just hung out with us. And she learned my trick of one paw one your lap, two paws and then a full body launch while you are sitting and minding your own business.

That night, a neighbor, Pam came by and let us out for a pee. We spent the night on our own. Her highness was a bit worried about that – and would never do that for more than one night, but honestly, we were fine because early the next morning, Marg was back. She took us for walks and she learned how the Boss likes to poop in the MIDDLE of the road. She learned how you have to get out of the way if a car is coming – and you pray that they don’t swish the poop. The stars aligned and there was no squished poop. But a couple of tense moments.

Anna came back to let us out for a pee at lunchtime, and then her highness was home with the Shaggy Shark at supper time. So all worked out great – thanks to our village. We are so grateful to them!!!

But now we get into the heart stopping little incident that we had yesterday- thanks to yours truly.

So. I’ve been enjoying playing with the Shaggy Shark in the backyard- and you will note in my videos that I am off leash. I have not attempted to run down to the lake – or into the woods. I’ve been the PERFECT Picard….

But yesterday, I lost my perfect title. It all started when Her highness was busy making pill pockets for the Boss. One minute the Shaggy Shark was there – and the next he was gone. She went to find him and he was having the his first “accident “ in the house. On the dog bed that nobody likes to sleep on. So she scooped him up and ran for the front door. The Boss was right behind and followed them outside – which was fine. He never goes anywhere. BUT – yours truly saw the open front door and ALSO bolted out. Her highness KNEW this could spell trouble. She did that futile “Here Elroy” in the panic voice that means “you are off leash and I don’t trust you.” She went towards me – but I saw the driveway – and off I ran. With the Shaggy Shark on my heels.

Now remember that her highness is supposed to be in quarantine and not leave our property….so that is racing through her mind – but she has to catch me!

She yelled my name which I chose to ignore – and the Shaggy Shark stopped, so she scooped him up. The Boss was just watching the proceedings with a smirk on his face.

She raced in the house, put the shark in a crate and told the Boss to stay inside. She grabbed the car keys, opened the garage door and took off up the driveway in the car.

Meanwhile, our neighbor Pam was on a Zoom call with people overseas , when she saw me race by her house. She told her Zoomers she had to go – and ran out in bare feet after me.

Her highness drove up the driveway- and there I was, running along the road on the other side. Thankfully there was no traffic. She parked the car, I ran over, she opened the hatch and I jumped in. Busted. That’s when her highness saw Pam running up her driveway to see where I had gone.

Yup – we have a very good village.

Needless to say, I’m now back on my long line. AND the Shaggy Shark who is becoming more and more bold every day, is also sporting a long line. Just the Boss is allowed out leashless. Unless it’s at night. That’s all her highness would need would be a porcupine encounter. Her heart took about an hour to stop racing after my little adventure….

Yup. We have a full fledged circus. Aren’t you glad just to read about us – and not live with us?!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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