A word from the curmudgeon

Heaven help us. Frodo here blog readers. I am here to share my views on the PONdemic which has hit our happy abode. I’m talking about the whirlwind plaque who is better known as the Shaggy Shark.

Now I was well aware for quite some time that a youngster PON would be joining us. I was not aware, however, that the “adorable little imp” would come complete with needle-like teeth. I suppose I have erased my memories of the teeth belonging to youngsters Viktor and Elroy.

Thus far, I have conveyed to him that I am not currently fond of “bitey” shenanigans. He is very clever in understanding that I prefer not to have my face bitten. So he generally chooses to ignore me. I am known as the curmudgeon. Unlike the Beatnik – who appears much more tolerant. But even he has learned that he must express his opinion. The other morning, while her highness was standing and attempting to eat breakfast in the midst of the circus, she witnessed the Beatnik being chased around the dining room table by the Shaggy Shark. The Beatnik ran to hide behind her highness who immediately had to act as referee. Ah yes. He LOOKS sweet. But there is a Tasmanian Devil that is behind that angelic face – which emerges every so often.

The Beatnik tends to avoid him indoors as he finds himself easily cornered by the snapping turtle wannabe. BUT – outside we have a different story. Here the Beatnik is able to escape – as seen in these two videos. Note the Beatnik’s quick responses – and his approach from behind – where there are no teeth.



Now personally, I DO enjoy stealing his toys and the Kong stuffed with goodies. The Kong is given to him in a futile attempt to keep him from barking while we are taken on OUR walks. Or while her highness rushes through her shower. I have met my MATCH in the incessant barking category. As SOON as her highness leaves the room, he begins. And when he hears her coming, he stops. He’s a clever lad. It’s a good thing we don’t live in an apartment building. We would surely have been served with our eviction notice by now! Yes – besides the teeth – the barking is probably his biggest vice. I can’t help him with that issue – I’m certainly no role model for peace and quiet.

He is sleeping through the night which is delightful for all. And he is pretty good with his “sit” command response – and he is learning “down”. He plays the “here” game with kibble that her highness tosses back and forth – and he has quickly figured that out. No indoor poops – and only one pee – when her highness wasn’t paying attention for 30 seconds. So it’s clear he is very smart – and is doing a brilliant job in training her highness to give him treats.

He does sit and wait his turn to lick the yoghurt container – AND he did eat his blueberries- after the first day. Frankly, I didn’t care if he spit them out – I got to clean them up. But now he eats them. He’s not yet fond of bananas though.

I must confess ….despite what might sound as a complaining tone, underneath it all, I do like him. I will allow him to lean against me – with a fence between us. I also find he is rather comical and is able to entertain himself – as you can see in this video. You need to understand that HE turned over the dog bed – where one of his toys became trapped.


We have yet to get an excellent photo with the three of us. But no doubt her highness will keep making attempts until she gets that favorite shot. Fine with me – it just means more treats.

We will continue to keep you apprised of his antics. They are sure to be entertaining.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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