Hello world!!

Hey everybody! I’m Wojtek! Also known as Wojtus (pronounced Voy-toosh); Little Monkey; Little Bugger; Hey Hey Hey; Ah Ah; and Ouch! I’m thinking I may get some other new names in the days ahead.

Being a puppy is pretty neat. Everybody loves you! Unless you bite them. Then not so much. Now I’m not talking about a really nasty bite – I mean a play bite! I’m a puppy – and I don’t realize my teeth are so sharp. I’m just learning about all my parts – I don’t know how to use everything just yet! I have figured out that when a wag my little tail (well I kind wag my whole butt), it’s a thing that the giants like. The giants have two legs. But you can make them bend down to your level if you grab their pant legs. Or try to chew their shoes while they are wearing them. I’m learning all sorts of things.

I went for a really long car ride the day before yesterday. I initially expressed my protest at not being allowed to sit in the passenger seat, but then I just fell asleep. I slept a LOT. We stopped every couple of hours and I had a pee and something to drink. All my needs are met. I even have my poop picked up! I’m going to love this career as a canine.

I had to cross into a whole new country. With a different flag! This flag has a maple leaf – which comes from the maple tree. It MUST be a country for dogs – because we all know we dogs love to pee on trees!! Well – we do when we get older. It’s all about the “parts” thing again.

Anyway the guy at the border who opened the hatch on the car looked at me and said “Whoa – he’s going to be big.” Guess he hasn’t seen a Great Dane puppy before.

I came to a new home – and wow- there is a lot to learn and explore. I met two roommates. One looks more like my mother did. But he’s a boy – and although he looked happy to see me, he kinda grumbles at me. So I respect him.

And the other guy – whoa- he’s huge and like NOTHING I’ve ever seen before. I was actually scared of him for 3 seconds – but then I realized he’s super friendly. In fact, he LOVES to play with me. I am particularly fascinated by his tail! He lets me jump on him and let’s me chew on him. I hear I’m payback for all the stuff HE does to the old guy. The hoverer watches us all the time we are together and if we start getting TOO wild, our play is suspended. That’s the “rule.” It’s one of many rules I am learning. Play must not get “wild”. It can be fun- but not wild. And it can’t go on very long at all. Check us out here:

I also learned that I am supposed to sleep in a crate at night. I’m not overly impressed with that rule. I kinda voiced my objection. Rather loudly. Every time I was put in. But then I would settle down. And a couple hours later would ask for permission to use the bathroom. So we went out in the dark. And then I was put back in the crate, I protested and then fell asleep. I went out three times the first night. Last night I just went out once! It was great fun.

What else have I learned… Oh! The grumpy guy loves my toys and my chew things. If he can get into my fenced area, he’ll steal them.

Oh – and I love how somebody chewed the corner of the carpet already! So I decided to continue the project!!! Here I am working on it while my buddy watches.

I was instructed to stop this project. We’ll see….

Yesterday and today I got everybody up at 5AM. No point in wasting the day. Finally around 10 AM yesterday, after about 16 trips outside, I decided to nap for about two hours. The hoverer did too. She didn’t want to move for fear of triggering my barking machine. So she napped on the sofa. I think she needed it.

Wow. It sure is a big world out there. And for a guy who is less than three months old, I’ve already traveled and have lived in two countries! Life is good. Very very good.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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