And now we are three!

Elroy here!!! Holy moly I got THE best gift on the planet yesterday. A fluffy whirlwind shark named Wojtek. (It’s pronounced Voy-Tek in case you don’t speak Polish, like me.). He arrived and now I am again outnumbered by the Polish guys. That’s OK – I happen to think they are cool.

The story of Wojtek began before the Great Pause. As you all know, we lost Viktor early in January , and well, our household became pretty darn quiet. So, after a few weeks, her highness started thinking that maybe we should think about getting another Musketeer. So she got in contact with Maggie, a very nice lady in New Jersey, because her highness had heard that Maggie might be breeding her girl, Maya. Maggie said that she was not just thinking about it – the matchmaking had just taken place days before. And Maggie said that she would consider our home for a puppy, IF things worked out. I guess our blog didn’t scare her off…

Little did we know just how many things would have to “work out.” Because it was just a few weeks later that the pandemic hit and borders closed. International borders closed – and within Canada, provincial borders closed. But there were steps before that which had to happen- regardless of the Great Pause. Maya had to be “with puppies” – AND she had to have a boy. Because adding a girl to our gong show house would NOT be a good idea. This has always been a boys only house – except for the Queen of course. Guess she likes it that way.

So step one. Maya had to be having puppies. Check. The matchmaking worked. Step two. She had to have a boy. Check. She had FOUR boys and one girl.

Yippee. We were getting a puppy!!! Beep beep. Reverse. All those borders were still closed.

Her highness heard of people shipping puppies across the border with truck drivers. Well that seemed like a good idea – IF you happened to personally know someone. Her highness couldn’t imagine shipping a baby puppy with someone she didn’t know. And she didn’t know any truck drivers.

Then she investigated pet moving companies. She sent three emails to a company that came highly recommended- AND spoke to someone on the phone – but they never confirmed they would do the job. She gave up on that idea.

There were no international flights coming into Nova Scotia since the Great Pause, so that was out.

After weeks of investigating options – she FINALLY had a catharsis. She’s a dual citizen of the US and Canada. So the question now was whether she could drive back and forth. Well low and behold – she found out she could! BUT- she technically couldn’t cross the border of New Brunswick to drive through to Maine. At least not in the early days of the Great Pause. However, just last week, because the pandemic numbers have been low in the Atlantic provinces, the government announced a “bubble” so people could freely travel within the Atlantic region. That’s staring July 3.

So all was looking good. Because her highness could not take a friend along who wasn’t a dual citizen, she would have to drive down to New Jersey alone. So Maggie kindly agreed to meet her highness in Maine. Unfortunately, though, Maggie couldn’t come the weekend of the 3rd due to her business…..

So her highness decided to take a chance. She checked to see if she could now just drive through New Brunswick. The person at the government office said “yes” – but her highness was well aware that all she needed was a cranky person at the border to say “come back July 3,” and she would be sunk. But she decided to take a chance…

And guess what?! It all worked!! She had nice border officers at each spot. So after a 9 hour drive – she got to meet our new addition. And she fell in love!

He was a great little traveler for the drive home. They had a few pee stops, and little walks and after an initial scream for two minutes each time he got back in the crate, he was quiet the rest of the way.

When he got here, her highness decided to do introductions one by one. She started with Frodo – the puppy nanny. I mean he raised me and Viktor, so she figured that would be a piece of cake. He was initially all waggy tailed – I think until he realized the shaggy shark is staying. Then he acted like a grumpy old man. He’ll soften up. Give him a day or two.

I, on the other hand, adored him from the minute he tried to rip the fur off my face! I think he’s hysterical! FINALLY- somebody who likes to play! Her highness had to supervise all of our interactions because he’s just a little guy- but I was super gentle with him. I let him crawl on top of me- and rip my hair. Those teeth are like needles!!!

He’s a pretty bold little guy- who gets the zoomies like all puppies. He also likes to hide under things. Like the sofa downstairs in the rec room. He hides and then darts out like a snapping turtle – trying to grab me. He’s SO cool!!!

He’s not big on photos yet. Getting the three of us together will be a miracle…..

And speaking of cool – it was super warm in the house last night – so we all slept in the rec room – it’s great down there. Wojtek was NOT impressed when he had to sleep in his crate. Ooooooeeeeeee- I think everyone for 5 km could hear him. But he did settle down eventually. I love my crate – which doesn’t even have a door on it! I’m sure he’ll learn to love his. I’ll just have to teach him.

Tomorrow we’ll show him the lake! He has lots of places to explore on our property. And we’ll have lots of time to get to know each other – we’re in quarantine for 14 days!

This is the start of a brand new chapter for us…. I can’t wait to see the adventures we’ll share!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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