Operation Wojtek

Linda here!

Well as everything in our lives, there is always a good story. And this one is just beginning! This one involves a wonderful new addition to our family….. and border crossings ( which are closed due to the Great Pause!).

I am in the US and I am traveling home from Maine with Wojtek. Once we get home and settled today, we’ll fill you in on all the details.

A wonderful new adventure begins. And my heart is already larger….❤️

4 thoughts on “Operation Wojtek

  1. Linda and Wojtek, we wish you great life together, full of love and fun!
    We miss him already, his little sister is crying, sniffing and looking for him.
    I just realize that I may not ever see him again or see him as a grown boy. I will definitely miss all his kisses and nibbles. I hope he will be a dream friend and companion for you. Lots of love and see you FB soon. ❤️


  2. He is adorable congratulation to the new addition to the family. I got a bit the idea this was going to happen after Frodo yesterday ,lol. Wish you all the luck and happiness .


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