OK. I lied. We DO have news…

Frodo here. With a huge confession. I lied. And I will do my penance. One less biscuit today. Well, that’s probably a bit TOO MUCH penance. How about I give up a half biscuit.

I said the other day that there is not much new here. Well – there isn’t yet – BUT we do have a BIG event that is about to happen. It’s a secret. And it’s a secret that we’ve been keeping for….well since before the Great Pause. We decided not to talk about it because- it’s complicated. And it’s complicated because of the Great Pause.

Her highness feared that IF we talked about this secret, that we would somehow jinx things. And – well since the big event isn’t happening until later today, I still am not allowed to talk about it.

How’s THAT for a teaser? Let’s just say that this event will change our lives in a big way. And without a doubt, this event will make for some very interesting blog stories. And her highness says it won’t fill a hole that’s in her heart – but it is sure to make her heart bigger.

So think good thoughts for her today as she embarks on a big adventure. And stay tuned on Thursday to see what’s going on.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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