Not much new…

Happy Sunday greetings blog readers. Frodo here.

Today we are supposed to have a rainy day. According to her highness, and other two leggeds, this is a good thing. Because we haven’t really had much rain lately and all the plants need to be refreshed. Good for the green no-leggeds. They’ll be happy but I’ll be walking very quickly on my constitutional.

There just isn’t much new here. Although, my ESCP – Extra Sensory Canine Perception , tells me that something is brewing. My bet is company. Her highness has been cleaning a bit more than normal. Mind you, it could be that when we were in the depths of the Great Pause, and no one could visit, well, the sarcastic comment about growing tomatoes on the kitchen floor was not that far an exaggeration. And speaking of growing tomatoes, they appear to have been revived. The ones outside, of course. I keep looking to see if there are any tomatoes yet but alas, just flowers at this point. We do have lettuce, which neither the Beatnik nor I really like. We hear her highness making a salad – so we come to investigate. She gives us a piece, and as usual it ends up as a green blob on the kitchen floor. Not our thing.

So since no real news here – let’s share some other dog news. For your morning chuckle, if you haven’t already seen it – here’s a video making the rounds of a dog who stole…..check to see what:

Some dogs just love to steal things. Like the time our first dog sitter couldn’t find her little flip phone. Viktor followed her from room to room as she searched for it. And then she noticed that his cheeks were protruding rather oddly. She found the now-non-working-phone.

Here’s a good news story about an old dog. A REALLY old dog. A 20 year old Golden Retriever by the name of Augie. Can you imagine? So Augie is like 140 in people years. That’s crazy!

Here’s a cute video of a baby and his very first BFF:

And lastly, we have this singing duo:

I think they sound pretty good together. Nice harmony.

Well, time to be dragged out. I think I hear raindrops. Wish me luck….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up Stay safe.

One thought on “Not much new…

  1. Thanks Frodo – you got our mum laughing, especially the phone story. One of our predecessors, as a pup, stole her phone too. She (mum) tells the story with great gusto, especially the part where Wanda, our predecessor, spat the phone out when mum called the number from another phone, and it rang and vibrated. Love Emily and Hunter.

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