Yo readers. Elroy here. Ya know how we always think the Boss is so smart? Yeah – well maybe not so much. Mind you, we have always known he has a hearty appetite- and he’ll eat almost anything…

The day before yesterday, her highness was in the DFZ. Which since this pandemic began, has become CDA. Completely Dog Accessible. Since her highness still manages to spend time on the sofa reading or rug hooking, when she isn’t walking us, playing with us, cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, doing laundry, walking us, feeding us…she simply gave up keeping the DFZ gate closed. The Boss would just stand and bark at her. Or he would rattle the gate. She quit fighting with him – and opened the border to canine travel. She DID roll up the hooked rugs in there though, because yours truly enjoys picking at them. So it’s basically hardwood or a bit of area carpet on which to relax. Restricted border controls do NOT include relaxing on furniture.

Anyway, her highness was in the Former DFZ, I was sleeping on her bed, and the Boss was in the dining room, next to the screen dog door. All was quiet, when her highness heard a strange sound coming from the dining room. It didn’t sound like one of us chewing a Nylabone. Or those giant hunks of hardwood which we got one Christmas. We actually never DO chew those things. As Viktor always said – money well spent. Not.

No- this chewing sounded like crinkly paper. Like a wrapper from something. So she sprang off the indented sofa to see who had what. She came around the corner, looked at the Boss and said “What are you doing?!” He turned to look at her and that’s when she spotted what he obviously had attempted to chew. It was between his paws. Lying on its back. A JUNE BUG!!!! Her highness called the Boss over, and the flying grape was left behind. Clearly it couldn’t have been all that tasty – although her highness did read an article saying they are edible. Ewwww. She ran to get the June Bug broom and kinda picked him up and tossed him out the deck door. It wasn’t even dark out – so I don’t know why he was out. We’ll never know….

We can now say there are two things the Boss won’t eat . June Bugs and lettuce. He went out with her highness to harvest the “crops” the other day, and right now the only things growing well are green onions, herbs and lettuce. She picked some lettuce for her salad, and gave him a piece. It ended up as a soggy green blob on the kitchen floor. No need to even bother asking if I was interested in eating any.

But ya know, I MIGHT have tried that June Bug…..

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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