Salutations readers. Frodo here. Lonely Frodo. Fair enough- I’m not lonely just yet – but I will be shortly. Her highness and the Beatnik are abandoning me. I must perform solo guard duty for a few hours. I believe that, as a result, I SHOULD be getting isolation pay. I must lobby for that…

It appears that the Beatnik’s sheeping adventures are resuming today. He has not seen a moving lamb chop since before the Great Pause. The big question is whether he will recall what to do with them. Remember, he’s not allowed to “sample” the wooly wonders – although he attempted that the last time and got a mouthful of fluff. And he had “ the stick” shaken at him and it hit the ground repeatedly.

Her highnesses is also a bit concerned that since he has recently developed a taste for bunny poo – that he might now be distracted by the sheep poo. And he is a guy who debates whether or not to eat the food in his bowl. So unusual. Many of us canines enjoy the taste of “critter morsels” . I’m surprised that some clever dog food marketing company hasn’t capitalized on that fact. I can see it now “Our food tastes like poo – it’s delectable according to 9/10 canines.” Poo food. Better than lettuce.

Well, we’ll let you know if his enthusiasm for sheep remains. I’ll be able to tell by her highness’ face when she walks in the door.

Excuse me while I get her to load me up with treats before they go. And of course more when they get back. I’m going to milk this for everything I can..

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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