Hair news

Joyous Wednesday greetings . Frodo here. I must share with you that yesterday, there was much happiness and celebration in our abode. The reason? Her highness was able to return to her hair salon – and get her haircut after months without professional service. We are quite thankful as she was beginning to resemble a very large PON. At least her head was. I don’t believe we ever told you her “story” which she shared with her stylist yesterday.

Because her highness keeps her hair rather short, when it grows even the slightest bit – she “feels” the difference. So she usually has it cut probably once per month. So after 6 weeks into the pandemic and self isolation, she became desperate. The Beatnik and I watched as she rather ceremoniously announced that she had “business” in the garage. The garage is where we are groomed so it seemed fitting that her “business” should take place there as well. We watched as she went in – with OUR dog thinning shears in her hand. Yes- desperate times called for desperate measures so she cut her own hair with our scissors. She was actually proud of her first attempt which didn’t look TOO bad. So in a few weeks, we didn’t think much of it when she went in the grooming torture palace again. But this time, because she was reluctant to chop her hair on the back of her head, she emerged with what I believe was once called a mullet. While it may have been fashionable in the 1970s and 1980s, it wasn’t the picture of style in these modern times.

Now we don’t really care what she looks like. We are used to her giant pandemic clothes and her shaggy mane. But I must say, she did look refreshed when she returned from the salon. So we did the happy dance with her.

It’s Wednesday- and it’s garbage day – so time to get moving on our zig zag walk. But first, we’ll watch her highness step on her scale to see if the numbers have gone down now that she got her haircut. I’m not so sure there will be happy dancing after that. Which honestly is fine by me – it just means we get a longer walk!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Hair news

  1. I just love your blogs. Can’t wait until hairdresser opens here. I have what we here call the Cornish Frizz. This is caused by the damp atmosphere from the sea. I have been to lazy to do my blow dry, as the longer my hair gets, the more time consuming it is. Life is too short sometimes 🙂


  2. Well, I have an appointment to get mine cut on Friday. I just can’t wait. It’s like being a kid waiting for Santa to come. I didn’t have the nerve to try it myself.


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