Upsy Daisy Day

Yo readers. Elroy here. Happy Monday and Happy Upsy Daisy Day. Yup- that’s the holiday for today. Apparently this auspicious holiday is more than 10 years old. And the reason or tag line for the holiday is: “A day to remind people to get up gloriously, gratefully and gleefully.” The idea is that at least for this day, you should assume everything is going to go your way. And if it doesn’t- get over it. Attitude and gratitude are key elements to starting your day and to facing challenges.

Holy moly – the world sure can use an Upsy Daisy Day right now. Between a pandemics, crimes, accidents, racial prejudice, murder hornets and rioting, it’s pretty easy to wake up in the morning and say “now what?” Yup- you humans sure do know how to make a mess of things sometimes. While we dogs may not always be well behaved (like when we counter surf or chew carpet corners or pillowcases), we generally do not seek to destroy others. But it seems humans do that – a lot. Yeah – they might not try to destroy others physically- but instead they destroy their spirits or their souls. Some humans can be kinda nasty. In fact, some of them should be wearing muzzles.

Humans need to be more grateful. And more happy! Just think how happy we canines get over a pretty tasteless biscuit or an ordinary ball. And look how much we appreciate our humans and how thrilled we are when we are reunited after they return from the bathroom! We don’t wake up cranky. We wake up wagging. Hey – that’s going to be my new motivational saying – Wake up Wagging. The Boss thinks it’s corny – his motto would be more like Never Stop Joyous Barking. Whatever.

Anyway – I sincerely hope that you have a Happy Upsy Daisy Day. May you be kind and wag lots! We have confidence that you CAN do it.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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