Not much new. Except blackflies.

Yo readers. Elroy here. Not much new here on the ranch. We’ve had some sunny days, which is great but it brings the vampires out. Like I know there is this whole symbiotic thing in the world where different species support one another – and are good for something. Like the dandelions on our lawn. While some might think they are ugly, they do help bees. And bees help pollinate flowers. So even weeds can be helpful. But really – I started thinking – what good are blackflies?! So I looked up some stuff about blackflies. I found that they are food for birds. Or bats. And I also read that fish eat their larvae. Who knew they have looked at the anticoagulants that blackflies carry – and have applied that information in heart attack research. Blackflies also reportedly do pollinate some plants too. Maybe it’s a good idea to focus on their attributes – because just looking at their painful, bloodsucking behaviors isn’t really great. From now on – I’ll think of them as “friends.” Tiny, pesky friends.

And my tiny friends drove her highness crazy yesterday. She was doing the yearly paint touch-ups on the deck. The Boss and I were sequestered in the house. I’m not sure why. We could have been helpful. Imagine the paw print art we could have made! Anyway, her highness started the chore. Ten minutes later she came in, went in the garage and came back smelling like insecticide. Out she went. Ten minutes later she was back. She went into the garage and this time emerged with a bug jacket. She had her face covered and could barely see where she was going. Back out she went. The Boss just rolled his eyes.

After that project, she decided to install a new printer she had bought for the computer. After trying for HOURS the other day to fix our old one, she finally conceded defeat and got a new one. She despises setting up new equipment- because she thinks the instruction diagrams are sometimes drawn by abstract artists. Her blood pressure goes up as soon as she opens the box. Yesterday, the Boss wandered in the room to see what she was doing. She looked at him and said “I don’t think you want to watch what is about to unfold.” He took one look at the box, turned around and left. Despite the initial apprehension, the techno-gods were smiling down and she somehow managed to get all devices communicating with the printer. It was a miracle! There was much dancing and joy. Biscuits all around.

That’s the biggest news around here. Her highness still hasn’t planted the crops. We’ve still had a threat of frost. She’ll probably do it next week. The Boss is anxious for the tomatoes. I think he had better be patient. Very patient.

So if you encounter any blackflies today – remember they DO serve a purpose. Try to be nice to them. As you’re wiping them off your bloody forehead.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

One thought on “Not much new. Except blackflies.

  1. I feel your pain. I woke up a few blackflies yesterday. They came out if the ground hungry, as soon as I put myhandy tool in the ground to…dig out dandelions! Now I’m worrying about the bees! Maybe it’s better to leave them for now and now them ow them down before they turn into fluffy dandelion babies, the kind we loved as kids.


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