Yo everybody. Elroy here. Happy Tuesday. Although not so happy in this house. First we were sequestered by the pandemic. Now it’s the blackflies. Her highness has lots to do in the yard – so she prays for wind. On a still day, one becomes a victim for the flying vampires. They’ll even bite us canines if we’re left outside. Not that we ever are. We have the option to use the self-designed “dog door” through the screen door to the deck. It has been open all day for the past couple of days, but we’re not crazy enough to stay out there. We know there are vampires.

The other bad news – her highness got in the scale for the first time in about 2 months. We watched and we grimaced as she stepped up. We watched her step off and remove her glasses. Like that was adding a lb or two. Then she mumbled something about her hair being longer. She immediately wanted to take us for a walk. Again. But this was mid afternoon and the vampires were literally bouncing off the windows – trying to get in. OK. Maybe not that bad. But she knew she would have to wear a bug suit, so she said “later.” She can’t wear those giant fluffy sweat pants all summer…

On a better note, I decided to share some Pan-dogs with you today. Pan-dogs is short for Pandemic dogs. They are basically dogs who have become famous during this whole COVID thing – because their humans had nothing better to do. There’s also a few “good news” dog stories too – like this one about Zelda:

Here’s a very nice dog story about a very kind nurse:

Brody is a Golden – known for interrupting his human’s on-air weather forecasts. Here are a few of his cameos:

One of her highness’ favorite duos is Mabel and Olive – two Labs. What makes these two great is their human who is a sports commentator. Because there are no sports going on – well Olive and Mabel provide the action. This is the second episode – there are others- but it’s one of our favorites:

Now EVERYONE probably has heard of Pluto – the Schnauzer from Montreal who has LOTS to say. This is when he first became popular:

And NOW he has his own You Tube channel, Facebook page, AND you can even buy stuff with Pluto’s face on it. I want a mug. Her highness said no. Here’s the You Tube link:

And finally – there is Bronn. Now we had seen the video of Bronn jumping at his own video on TV. But what we HADN’T seen was Bronn with his tiny human. If you don’t laugh watching that – you’ve been in quarantine too long. Then again, maybe you’re just having a normal cranky day. Anyway – be sure to watch both videos in the article.

OK. It’s extra early. The golf course is now open so we need to get out before the golfers. And before the blackflies wake up. Wish us luck!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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