Our new schedule

Greetings readers. Frodo here. I trust you are all doing as well as can be expected during the plague. It appears that things are beginning to loosen up with regard to access. For example, here in Nova Scotia we can now go to parks and beaches – but humans must remain at least two Labradors apart. My golf course has reopened and while it is good for the economy, personally, I am less than thrilled. I call it “my” course because although I don’t technically own it, or even a part of it, I believe in PON virtual ownership. You see, I am a PON and I believe I own everything our road. Including the golf course. IMAGINE my shock when I saw golfers out on the course- after having complete, unrestricted access for many weeks. Frankly, I was rather annoyed when I spotted them wandering my course. My boisterous greeting was not exactly joyful. But of course, I was on a leash so I could not get close while shouting at them.

Their very presence has precipitated a new routine in our house. We awake by 6 AM in order to walk parts of the course before the golfers arrive AND, our afternoon walk has been bumped until just before sunset – so we can walk parts of the course while the golfers are finishing their games. Her highness prefers that we be inconspicuous during this walk – but not to worry – I am certain to shout out my greeting should I see anyone.

The other night, as we were walking one direction and the golfers were walking the opposite direction on a parallel fairway(with trees between us), guess what we saw? Thelma and Louise – those two deer we had seen the other day. Thelma and Louise were in the treed area between the two fairways, and they had to decide whether to face a golf cart with golfers – or a woman with two dogs. Much to her highness’ dismay, they chose our fairway to escape. Now the beatnik has seen them before when he was on his own and was not overly excited. BUT, this time he took a cue from yours truly and became a stark raving lunatic – barking and jumping up and down. And pulling her highness with all our might. So much for the inconspicuous walk.

Well. It’s about time to do our morning round. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for any golfers and her highness will be sure to hold on tight. Her biceps are developing nicely. Perhaps that’s why her scale went up. Who am I kidding..

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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