Limerick Day. Oh yay.

Yo everybody. Elroy here. It’s May 12. So you know what day it is! It’s Limerick Day! Don’t feel badly if you didn’t remember- it’s not like there are any special Limerick Day sales to remind you. I didn’t even know what a Limerick was. The Boss had to tell me. I wondered if it was related to a Lemonrick. That’s a joke. A bad one.

Viktor was pretty good at writing Limericks. Like this one:

There is a very special French breed,

The Picard is made for herding and speed,

They love to leap and run

Their middle name is “fun”

Look out when they are off leash and freed.

He also wrote this one…

There once was a Polish breed

You cannot forget to feed.

PONs will bark to remind you

To eat and to go poo

And will tell you just what they need.

So of course I had to try and write something. Here are my contributions…

There once was a PON who would eat

Whatever was put at his feet.

Carrots and potatoes

Bananas and tomatoes

His favorite of course was some meat.

And then there was the Picard

Who would totally disregard

Most food in his bowl

And one would have to cajole

Him to eat and then PLAY as reward.

OK. That’s it. I’m not a very poetic kinda guy.

Boy the Boss was ticked off yesterday. I mean major ticked off. We know that he’s been licking at his feet for some time. And in the past couple of days, he really started licking his one back foot. And…well… I kinda helped him. So it was kinda pink. We really started working on it while her highness was having breakfast. She wasn’t impressed. In fact she whisked him into the torture palace to check his foot carefully. She trimmed the hair between his pads, and saw that there were no sores or anything. So she put some spray on his foot and THEN covered it with a wrap thing. He was NOT impressed. He had it on all day. But he was good and never tried to take it off- which he could have easily done. Until her highness was getting ready for bed. She was in the bathroom washing up and well, the Boss decided it had to go. So he ripped it off. And of course, she put it back on after a trip to the torture palace. She wanted him to keep it on for the night because she knew we would work on it while she was asleep. And he did. But it’s coming off today.

Never a dull moment around here. It’s raining today – again – so a quick morning walk will be on the agenda. Assuming we poop quickly….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

One thought on “Limerick Day. Oh yay.

  1. I especially enjoyed today’s write up because a few of my hiking friends had a limerick zoom last week. We really limericked up a storm. No one knew about Limerick Day. Eelroy is quite talented…and modest.


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