Mother’s Day

Elroy here. Well today is Mother’s Day – in North America anyway. And I hate to come to the party late – but yesterday was National Dog Moms Day. Not that we didn’t know. We did. Or I think we did. I mean we did a number of things to show her highness how much we love her. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

For example, we didn’t get her up very early. And it had nothing to do with the fact that it was pouring rain – and we could hear it. I’m not much of a morning guy to begin with – but I definitely follow the Boss’ lead. And he wasn’t leading very quickly at all. Still – she got to sleep in city and extra 10 minutes.

What else did we do…. hmmm. I know! We pooped quickly in the pouring rain so she didn’t have to get entirely drenched and her hands did not totally freeze. That was thoughtful.

We obediently licked the yoghurt container and ate our blueberries and our banana pieces- and I ate my entire breakfast bowl! Not that any of that was a chore for the Boss.

What else? Hmmmm. We let her take a nap in the afternoon. We let her read her book. I didn’t attack the vacuum cleaner. Much.

We played indoor fetch – and didn’t destroy the balls. We didn’t fight. Not that we ever do. But that should count for something.

We let her brush us. Without complaining. Much.

We basically let her do whatever she wanted to do. It was HER day. After she walked us, fed us, brushed us, played with us, took us out to pee (several times) and petted us every time we sat in front of her. Which probably happened 42 times. OK. Thats not exactly correct. Probably closer to 52 times. And every time we did – we were letting her know how much we love her. Mind you – we do that every day too. Come to think of it- EVERY day is Dog Mom’s Day when you own a two-legged. Who needs flowers or candy?! We’re the best gift you could EVER have.

And you know, I think she believes that too..

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe. And Happy Mother’s Day – to all the mothers of two-leggeds!

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