Greetings readers. Frodo here. Well it has been a rather uneventful week in our household. The weather has fluctuated between miserable and dreadful – at least in my mind. It seems as if we cannot have two days in a row without rain. And trust me, I keep track.

Our indoor entertainment has included games of “find the duck” and retrieve the ball. I , of course, excel at both. The beatnik still does not understand the retrieve part of the fetch game. For me, it is painful to watch him. Does he not understand that you get a treat when you return with the ball? And then it is thrown again? He prefers to play fetch on his own.

We did have a bit of excitement the other morning when we saw two different creatures during our walk on the golf course. Two deer! Her highness spotted them in the distance first and when she began to tighten our leashes we also noticed the grass munching visitors. Naturally, I shouted out a cheery “hello.” Repeatedly. And as we approached, they ran off into the woods. Her highness worked on her bicep muscles during that little part of the walk. Later in the evening, I went with her highness to get the mail and then the beatnik went for another walk on the course. And guess who he saw again?

At first he didn’t notice them- so her highness literally had to take his head in her hands and direct him toward the deer. When he did finally see them, he just silently watched them. Even when they ran away, he didn’t make a sound. He certainly picked up their scent though, after they were gone. And there were more bicep exercises.

And speaking of scent – did you happen to read that researchers in the US and in the UK , are training dogs to pick up the “scent” of COVID-19? The goal would be to see if dogs could identify people who test positively- especially in crowded areas like airports. Dogs to the rescue yet again.

Meanwhile on the home front, her highness has thankfully finished another project. She has hooked squares to be made into pillows. Some of you may have seen her first two attempts…

And we thought she was done. But like a PON with a biscuit, she decided she “needed” to do one more. This time she did a different type of hooking. This is rug hooking by the way. Lest anyone conjure up a totally different type of hooking.

Do you recognize this guy?

Now the backings must be sewn on and she must stuff them to make the pillows. We’ll see if that part ever happens…

For her next project, I suggest some biscuit baking. THAT would be useful. She suggested she could hook us some new coats. She was joking. Or she better be… Perhaps she could hook a mat for the beatnik’s crate. Given that he still does not like the one that she bought for him. She finally gave up and took the mat out of the crate. And low and behold, yours truly likes to sleep on it! Outside the crate. So at least it is getting good use after all.

Those are the main stories for today. Have a joyous Friday.

Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Mishmash

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for years. The pillows are really lovely, do you buy kits or are these your own creations? Just really lovely representation of the dogs and such a wonderful way to remember Viktor as well.


    1. Thanks for reading the blog – glad you enjoy it!

      The pillows are not kits. I drew the patterns and hooked them. Frodo and Elroy’s pillows were done with a punch needle – it was the first time I tried that technique. For Viktor’s I used the traditional rug hooking technique.

      Thanks again for reading!


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